Main Dedicated Server Hosting Advantages Business Owners Need To Know

If you looked for hosting options, you surely already know about the dedicated server. It is oftentimes recommended for businesses because of the benefits that are offered and it is obvious that this is an option you have to consider. However, the investment would be a large one so many business owners choose something else. This could be a mistake. According to Dedicated Server USA, the following main advantages of the dedicated server hosting package have to be known. 

Top-Of-The-Line Performance

Even when compared to cloud hosting, which is a virtualized solution, the dedicated server performs better. This is true even if both options have the exact same amount of RAM, CPU cores, and even drive space. 

The reason why performance is higher with the dedicated server is that you do not share resources with other users. Cloud providers, for instance, give you access to a number of cores. What they do not clearly highlight is that those cores are used at the same time by several clients. With the dedicated hosting package, you have access to all the cores. The same goes for all the other server resources. 

High Security Levels

Security is a very important thing when you host any data on the internet. The dedicated server is the superior choice because of the fact that you control what you install on it. Do you need more security? You can add it. When you opt for a shared hosting package or even a cloud package, you rely on what is pre-packaged. 

Another thing that should be mentioned is that the dedicated server is housed in a fully controlled secure datacenter. Only on-site personnel have access. This type of heightened security level makes it very easy to achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance. 

Greater Access Control

Whenever choosing the dedicated server, you are given Root Access or Administrative access to everything added there. Such an access level allows you to get control over software and hardware. This is not possible when you share resources and data with someone else. The server can be configured based on what you actually need. 

Scalability And Fast Customization

You can configure the dedicated server to have the exact mix of storage and processing power to meet specific needs. Basically, they can be configured in thousands of ways. At the same time, as computing needs change over time for a business, the dedicated server gives you access to the desired flexibility. 

If you need a server that has more RAM, more hard drive space, higher clockspeed, or anything else, all you have to do is to contact the provider. The upgrade you ask for will be done in seconds. When you need fewer resources, this is also possible. Upgrades can be scheduled at your desired time. 

24/7 Support

The hardware and software you get from the dedicated server provider are always backed by 24/7 support. This means that you can easily contact someone whenever you need help to upgrade the server, deal with a problem, or get answers to questions you might have.