How Eterneva Can Make Memorial Diamonds from Your Pet’s Ashes

How Eterneva Can Make Memorial Diamonds from Your Pet’s Ashes

When Eterneva co-founder Adelle Archer lost a close friend, she started looking for innovative ways of memorializing that person’s life. Adelle was disappointed after noticing that the options she had at the time were somewhat limited.

The young entrepreneur decided to partner with colleague Garrett Ozar to launch an organization that would develop new ways to ensure a meaningful experience for users during their time of need. The duo realized that the best way to memorialize was developing products based on the concept of reconnecting with a loved one, and Eterneva was born.

The Eterneva Mission

The Austin-based firm understands the grieving process and acknowledges that losing a loved one can be devastating. According to Eterneva’s co-founder Adelle Archer, grief is a long journey, and her company is always willing to listen to clients and talk about their loved ones. By doing so, the organization helps to bring brightness to what someone is experiencing during an extremely difficult time.

Eterneva crafts each moment depending on a client’s preferences. The pioneers have also gone through the diamond process and are aware that everyone would want to get peace of mind. Some of the reasons why the startup has gained national recognition include the level of care for the ashes clients provide, its quality control measures, and transparency at every step of the journey.

Diamonds are symbols of the legacy that was earned by a deceased loved one. They simply that the deceased had power and character that could help others achieve their full potential. The company’s work involves sharing the exemplary character with the world. It consists of a team with a shared vision.

Teamwork in the organization has been one of the major causes of its positive growth rate over the years. Each member is expected to be hard-working, possess excellent communication skills, and be honest. According to the founders, the company is more of a calling for them. They have personal reasons for launching the organization.

Memorializing Your Pet As A Diamond

This is designed for your favorite pets. The one that you have had for years, even during the toughest times. A pet that displayed unconditional love and was by your side through triumph and tragedies in personal and professional life.

Are you a dog parent? If yes, then you agree that one of the most difficult times of having a fur baby is the moment you have to say goodbye. You lose one of your confidants and a close friend. When your pet dies, you realize that there will be no more snuggles of wiggle butts.

In other words, the day you lose your pet will always be one of the saddest in your life. Truth be told, grief can be crushing. Fortunately, there are solutions for pet parents who may not be ready to say goodbye. Eterneva has developed a way to keep your pet’s memories close to your heart for the rest of your life.

The company can turn your pet’s ashes into diamonds. If you could be asked to list the most special relationships in your life, your pet is likely to be one of them. For many people, a pet is part of the family and should also be remembered after passing away. You can do something special for your best friend by turning the ashes into diamonds.

Evolving The Process

Initially, the Austin-based firm only dealt with human ashes. The founders later realized that they should expand the operations by offering the same services to pet parents. With time, people develop strong relationships with their fur babies. Therefore, when pets pass, it can be as devastating as a human passing.

By turning the ashes into a diamond, you will remain close to your close friend. It involves a lot of work and the process takes up to 10 months. It begins when a pet owner receives a Diamond Starter Kit from the company. The package contains everything one needs for choosing the diamonds and packaging their pet’s ashes.

The organization recommends providing about half a cup of the ashes. At this point, you will also be allowed to select your desired size, which ranges between 0.1 carat and 1.25 carats, and your preferred colors. You can choose from a wide range of options when it comes to colors, including white, blue, and pink.

You will be required to pay between $2,500 and $22,000 for the services. The cost mainly depends on the colors and size of the diamonds you choose. If you have any questions or concerns as the pet owner, you can ask whenever you want during the process. Once the ashes are delivered at the company’s laboratory, they undergo purification.

Eterneva Diamond Science

According to the founders, the purification process involves extracting carbon from the ashes and placing them in equipment that “replicate the earth’s crust.” The team at the company sends pictures, videos, and updates to clients to ensure the entire journey meets their expectations.

Your diamond is then sent to professional cutters before being packaged and delivered to the customers. The organization notes that many pet owners don’t understand that the death of a pet can be devastating. Many people tend to hide their grief to avoid judgments from other members of society.

The Austin-based firm believes that every pet parent needs more empathy and understanding when they lose their best friends. The concept of memorial diamonds is not new. It has been around since the discovery of the science of making diamonds in the lab. To make the diamond, a pet’s body is cremated. Cremation involves placing a fur baby in a cremation chamber and turning on intense heat.

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