How You Can Thrive In Your New Freelance Writing Career

How You Can Thrive In Your New Freelance Writing Career

Freelance writing has erupted in the last decade and can be a great way to earn a living. The ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection provides convenience that is nearly unmatched in the professional world. Freelance writers do make wildly different incomes depending on how much they work and whether they charge per word or hourly. Getting into a great routine where you work relatively long hours can deliver in terms of monthly income. If you think you can put in a few hours a day, you would be wrong as you only get paid for the work that you complete. The following are tips to help you thrive in your new freelance writing career.

Create a Portfolio of Your Best Work 

You need to create a portfolio of your best work as at times clients will reach out to you. If you specialize in writing on a specific topic, this can allow you to charge a premium amount. People that are well-versed in medical writing can make hundreds of dollars for a single piece. Becoming the go-to writer for a company willing to pay premium amounts is ideal. You want a consistent amount of income that you can rely on as it will help you turn down jobs that simply pay too little. Most writers starting out would rather fill their day which can happen until you build a client base you know will come back month after month. 

Platforms Like Upwork Can Help Protect You

Platforms like that of Upwork can help protect clients and freelancers. You can apply to certain gigs and will be invited to interview for other gigs. A number of clients might want to do business outside of this platform after a time while others like automated payments. Being able to receive a weekly payment with only 5 percent taken out of your profits is a great deal. You will have to earn over $10,000 to reach this point from a single client. Other platforms charge different amounts but Upwork is very intuitive to use and search for gigs. You will need to have a few different payment options available when using platforms or working outside of platforms. PayPal is used predominantly while other options are available like Square Invoicing. 

Create a Home Office Space 

You are going to need a place where you can sit down and do some serious copywriting. Some people would rather put an executive series shed on the property to work in. Freelancers can have a tough time as it can be difficult to balance your life. You can always earn income simply from doing something you enjoy which is hard for some people to turn down. Setting working hours is important to achieve a balance which can be difficult for those that are extremely money-motivated. For those with children, this office space can allow you to spend quality time with them rather than paying a little attention when you are wrapped up in work. 

Freelance writing can allow you to live a lifestyle that you truly enjoy. Find topics you love writing about and it will never feel like work again!