The Importance of Pre-Tenancy Cleaning Services

It is commonplace anywhere for property to change hands through letting or any other means. This means that while some persons may be occupants of the building today, for any number of reasons, they may not renew their rent. At this point, the owner of the property will have to get someone else to occupy the said property.

When a house is to be occupied, there is a need to clean it and make it presentable for the incoming occupants. No matter how careful and neat the previous occupants were, there may still be a need to touch up. You want to ensure that the building is in good condition before anyone comes in. It could even be a newly built property that needs to be rid of after effects and debris of work done on it. See some of the issues you may need to address as a landlord before a new tenant moves in, in this article.

What is Pre-Tenancy Cleaning? 

This is a service designed for people who desire to make ready their property for potential tenants. It is the equivalent of the end of tenancy cleaning but with a few differences. With this kind of service, the quality of the work provided is important. This is because it can be a deal-breaker or deal sealer. Potential tenants to a property expect that it should be tidy, clean, and properly maintained.

Pre-tenancy cleaning involves deep cleansing a property as well as removing every dirt and possible damages that may have come about by the previous tenants. When it is done right, it can boost significantly the way the house is perceived.

Pre-tenancy cleaning is meant for landlords as well as estate letting agencies who are interested in keeping their property in top shape and presentable. On occasion, tenants who are renting a place can as well request for this service.

Pre-tenancy cleaning is usually performed by professional companies that specialize in cleaning. This is because they have the necessary equipment to give you exceptional results. Doing it by yourself or using regular multi-purpose cleaners will not get you the desired results.

Although most of the hard work is done during an end of tenancy cleaning, the longer a place is unoccupied, the more it will gather dirt and dust. So pre-tenancy cleaning offers a way to refresh the space before new occupants move in.

Sometimes, the space might require this if it has not been occupied or taken care of in a long time. Common services such as mopping, vacuuming, dusting, upholstery and carpet cleaning as well as washing of windows, bathrooms and kitchen appliances are some of what you get.


Quick Occupancy 

As an estate agent or landlord, the longer your space is left unoccupied, the more money you lose. The earlier you get it occupied, the better for you. 

When a potential tenant is seeking to rent your property, if it is neat and properly kempt, they are encouraged to go for it. If this is the case, you will have tenants occupying your property in no time rather than having an empty space that is not making you any money.

Additionally and equally important, you get to encounter fewer complaints and rejections as tenants will not find any faults with your building’s cleanliness and presentation.

Expertise and Professionalism

There are several ways to clean a house but when you engage professional cleaners like Leeds Cleaning Company for any form of cleaning, you are sure to get the best results. This is because asides from the fact that they are experts at what they do, they also have the equipment to use. They know chemicals that can be used to easily remove even the seemingly impossible stains. They are also fast and will get the job done in no time.

Cleaning can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Rather than dedicating that time to doing it yourself, you can use the time for other important matters as you let experts do it instead. Moreover, even if you try to handle it yourself, you cannot get the best results like a professional company will do.

Tips on Getting a Hassle-free Pre-Tenancy Cleaning

Make Easy Access Available

Ensure that there is easy access to your house by removing an impediment or anything inside the house that might cause an obstruction. If you will not be around, you can leave the key with a neighbor or with a concierge service.

Make Arrangements Early

It is appropriate to have the house cleaned before any potential tenants come for viewing or before they move in whichever case it is. So it is always a good thing to make arrangements in advance.

Ensure Water and Electricity is Available

When a house is unoccupied, it makes sense to turn off the water and electricity supply. When it is time for pre-tenancy cleaning though, they need to be restored at least for that period. This is because, without these two utilities, the cleaners can do practically nothing. They need water to clean and electricity to see as well as for the use of their equipment and gadgets.

Ensure it is the Last Piece of Work to Be Done

If there are other things or renovations to be done around the house by handymen such as electricians, plumbers, etc., ensure that they are done before scheduling cleaning.

This is to make sure that you do not have to clean twice. It is not a good time to clean when improvements are being done or when it will be done on the property. It should be the very last thing to be done.

You will find more tips on how to leave your property ready for new tenants here


There are various forms of cleaning that can be carried out on a property. If you want to ensure that a house is sparkling and ready for new occupants, then you should call for a pre-tenancy cleaning. It is very likely that any cost spent on this service can be claimed as an expense but you should double-check by contacting landlord accountants just to make sure. This is slightly different from end of tenancy cleaning. While this is mostly a concern of tenants, pre-tenancy is majorly for landlords and estate letting agents.

When scheduling a cleaning, ensure that your property is easily accessible. You should also provide the necessary support and utilities that will make it possible and quick.