Things You Need to Know When Looking for A Car Rental In Alicante

Things You Need to Know When Looking for A Car Rental In Alicante

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Every one of us needs a vacation once in a while. And what a better place for relaxing and putting your brain on stand-by than the beautiful Mediterranean? Not only is the climate breathtakingly gorgeous, but the people are just as warm and the food out of this world! It is no surprise then that so many tourists decide to visit this region of the world every year.

A very popular destination of choice for a lot of people is sunny Spain. Now, your first thought might be Barcelona, and this stunning city certainly has much to offer. But Spain is filled with underrated vacation spots that are just as impressive as its most well-known tourist hot spots.

A Spanish oasis

One such place is the town of Alicante, the province’s capital city by the same name and the second-largest city in the region of Valencia. This fantastic place boasts exports such as delicious wine, luxurious olive oil, and the juiciest fruit in the area. If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, Alicante should be the next destination on your list!

But that is not all this incredible spot has to offer! With a rich and long history behind it, Alicante was established as far as 325 BC. Since then, it has been the home of many tribes and people, from the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians in prehistoric times to the Visigoths and the Arab conquests in the middle ages! All of this has left it with uniquely diverse architecture, such as the medieval castle Santa Barbara, which contributes to this city’s exceptional charm. 

Additionally, it seems that Alicante has also won the geographical lottery! Along with its culinary richness and historical wealth, this town can be proud of some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, if not in the entire world! Add in the tall palm trees and the gorgeous turquoise sea, and you get the feeling you are in the Caribbean.

Last but not least, Alicante has some cultural traditions that are a joy to witness. The Spanish are people who love to party so that you can find not one but several festivals happening in this town throughout the year! The most important ones are the one in February and the Easter festival, so make sure to mark your calendars on time! Check out this link if you want to learn more.

Getting around the city

By now, we have probably impressed you with some of the stuff that Alicante has to offer. You will be happy to hear that this charming town has its airport that regularly hosts cheap flights from many European cities. If you opt for the eco-friendlier option, you could also take the train from Madrid and reach Alicante in absolutely no time!

Getting there is one of the easiest parts, but you might be worried about how you will get around this impressive town and see all its magic. Sure, you could take the healthy option and walk, but unfortunately, that could cost you quite some time, and you could miss out on some genuinely brilliant sights.

Sadly, Alicante does not have a very well-connected public transport system. There are a few trams that run to the suburbs surrounding it but none within the city itself. However, you do not need to worry! You can always rent a car and explore this seaside beauty at your own pace.

Why you should pick rent-a-car

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Renting a car is a preferable alternative to driving your own to a vacation destination for many reasons. One of them is merely being unfamiliar with the traffic rules and regulations of the foreign country you are visiting. Of course, some signs and directions are universal, but things like driving on the other side of the road could be significant obstacles.

Another motive for renting a car while on holiday instead of using your own is avoiding inflicting wear and tear to your own vehicle. Namely, while you might have a vague idea of the terrain of the place you are visiting, you could run into some nasty surprises along the way. For example, deciding to drive your convertible to a rainy Dutch city like Amsterdam could be a recipe for disaster! Car rental companies can inform you appropriately about the ideal vehicle you need to get around the location you chose.

In addition, deciding not to drive your own car to your vacation spot could save you some extra mileage. This saves money on gas and keeps your car’s odometer in check if you want to sell it for a reasonable price in the future! Find out more about this in detail here.

A benefit to renting a car is also the extensive assistance provided by the company. A lot of people are cautious to rent a vehicle when abroad simply because they are in uncharted territory. In situations like these, it is extremely easy to get into accidents or just get lost in a place you do not know! No need to worry at all! Many companies offer this support for a small fee you pay one time. 

One more advantage to choosing a rent-a-car is that you can save money on good deals with hotels and plane tickets when traveling abroad. You can get some pretty good discounts this way and settle all of your worries before you even arrive at your destination.

An added approach to saving money is also splitting the costs of the rental. If you are traveling with a larger group of friends, picking a bigger vehicle and splitting the rent’s daily price is an absolute no-brainer. Besides, you get to make some unforgettable memories on your road trip around Spain! Queue up that road trip playlist and start singing!

A different reason why you should opt for rent-a-car companies is the convenience of dictating your schedule. It seems simple, but it is something that a lot of people overlook! Sure, you can use the hop-on/hop-off busses provided by local travel agencies but let’s be real, they are not too comfortable or punctual. If you like the freedom of choosing the times you get up and get going, then renting is the pick for you.

Lastly, there is absolutely nothing like the comfort of your own transport when on vacation. Yeah, you are a tourist, but that is precisely why you know how annoying tourists can be! Save yourself the hassle of sharing bus seats with strangers and constantly worrying about the safety of your belongings. Not to mention the unfavorable state of some countries’ public transport, which could cause you things such as health issues further down the road. 

Some final words

Exploring the world is indeed an irreplaceable experience. Traveling not only teaches us about the cultures and traditions of other nations but also about ourselves. You never know how alike you are with people from the other side of the globe until you meet them! And even if you can’t speak their language, you can always communicate with our innate love for dance, music, and good food.

So, do not be scared to go outside your comfort zone and see what others live like. Make the most of your time in their home, and maybe you will find a home of your own! Whether it is by plane, train, or car, nothing beats the feeling of getting to know a new country.

But make sure to plan smart because it is a big world out there waiting for you to see it, and saving some cash could help you with that. And finally, grab some friends with you and share this life-changing event with them. Or don’t, there are friends to be made wherever you decide to go.