Don’t Let DRaaS and Backup Blindside You in 2021

Don’t Let DRaaS and Backup Blindside You in 2021

In cybersecurity, there’s no denying that prevention is the best cure. There is a clear advantage to stopping threats before they get started, but you shouldn’t let that mean that you’re unprepared for when you do have to deal with a threat in progress. 

Data backup systems and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) can make sure that you’re able to recover from breaches, loss of access, and other cybersecurity issues as quickly as possible.

Given that data breaches have been on the rise throughout 2020 (and it looks to be much the same for 2021), here are a few ways that DRaaS and backup can stop you from getting blindsided.

Stronger password protection

As part of any decent security IT services, the implementation of strong passwords is a must-have. In 2019, 42% of companies that experienced a security breach could trace that breach down to a bad password. 

Good DRaaS protocol will include the necessity for unique, strong, and secure passwords for each tool or website they use within the workplace. Meanwhile, backup services will make sure that even in the event of a password breach, you don’t lose access to your vital data.

Protection against ransomware

Two of the biggest threats of recent years have been phishing scams, as well as ransomware. DRaaS solutions often include ransomware protection that can help you recover from an attack as soon as possible. 

Ransomware attacks increased by a rate of 41% in 2019 alone, and these attacks can take months, or even years to recover from without the right plans in motion, such as DRaaS policies.

Use data encryption

Unencrypted data transfers are a threat. When your data is sent from one system to another, it creates a potential weak link in the chain. If the connection isn’t as strong as it needs to be, someone could eavesdrop on the data sent from one end to the other. 

Professional backup services will ensure you are encrypting data sent to or retrieved from the backup servers so that even if someone were able to get their hands on that data, it would be scrambled beyond recognition, making it effectively useless to them.

Ensure your systems are operating at max security

Each new application, server, piece of hardware, cloud tool, and the like widens your security scope. The wider your security scope, the easier it is for a misconfiguration to be in any one of those systems, opening a backdoor for hackers. 

A good DRaaS policy will include comprehensive maintenance of your entire security scope, ensuring they are configured correctly to prevent unauthorized access.

If you don’t want to get blindsided in 2021, it is crucial to invest in DRaaS and backup as soon as you can. With the help of the right IT services, you can make sure that you’re aware of and actively preparing for the most common threats that have seen so many businesses being hit by data breaches in recent years.