Containers: The Most Used for Shelters around the World

Whether you read the news in America, Canada, Europe or Africa, you are bound to find an article about homeless shelters built with containers. Not so long ago, a whole village in New Jersey (a State on the East Coast of the U.S.) was put up with them. But container shelters are being used in many different contexts around the world. Here is how containers have taken over the shelter industry.

Emergency Shelters

Around the world, there are always emergency situations popping-up. It’s easy to understand, just by looking at the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all been going through. It created various urgent needs in terms of shelters, which containers solutions, were able to fill. During the first wave of the sanitary crisis, the hospitals were overflowing, and they needed to add sections with ventilators, in order to house more patients. In many countries, including Italy, they called upon the containers industry, to solve the problem. The reason is simple: They are easy to put-up and can be taken down immediately, once the emergency situation has ended.

An emergency situation is specifically an event that takes places, at a given moment, which needs to be taken care of, rapidly. Normally, you don’t want to keep a reminder of the event, once it is gone, so you prefer to take away any trace of it and of the solutions you used. Container solutions are pre-fabricated in multiple pieces. That makes them easy to ship anywhere, and they can be put-up very rapidly. The same is true about taking them down and storing them somewhere. Therefore, it is the most practical tool emergency crews have, to put up shelters as fast as possible.

A Complete Tool

Because they have been in use for a while now, containers have adapted to the needs of the people on the ground, no matter what they build them for. So many sectors have selected containers solutions, that it now responds to some of the most difficult requests. For example, in medicine and other precision industries, containers can be used as a clean room. Cleanrooms have gained traction as more and more experiments require strict air control. A custom cleanroom system build company like ISOcleanroom can easily take care of your cleanroom requirements. That is a room where they handle medical tools or used for the assembly of objects (such as precision parts) that is maintained at a high level of cleanliness by special means. They can do so because containers are already prepared for various entries, such as air conditioning and other types of ventilation, water and gas input and output, to name but a few of the container’s capacities today.

When the request for a customer does not come standard on containers, then it is possible for some manufacturers to create a special shelter, answering all of their needs. Of course, this is more difficult in case of an emergency, but if the company is building for the future, then it is possible to adapt containers, so they can take them anywhere in the world, easily.

Whether it is a shelter for the homeless or another placed in an army camp, containers have become the main solution in the industry. With the latest developments and its capacity to adapt the product to their customers need, containers solutions should remain ahead of the competition, in the years to come.