4 Simple Strategies for Using Social Media to Market a Business

4 Simple Strategies for Using Social Media to Market a Business

Putting a marketing plan together for a company and taking action on that plan can help a business grow in today’s business world. Gone are when placing an ad in the local paper and placing a phone book listing was considered marketing. When social marketing first started to make an impact, all that was required was regular postings. However, things have shifted, and a more fine-tuned strategy is needed. Marketing has become more complicated, but some agencies can help.

1- Have Specific Goals

The first step to social media strategy is figuring out which goals want to be fulfilled by using the platforms. Many businesses have created social media accounts but never actually implemented action upon the platform, leaving their account pages empty and unfulfilled. Different kinds of companies need different strategies, but making zero effort to create posts will never work. A common goal is to raise brand awareness and bring new clients an understanding of what the business can do for them. There are many things to post to help. Post cool pictures of people using a product, offer deals for savings, or even run a contest and award the winner. Always make sure to provide a link to your valued website, which can provide more in-depth information than a social media post alone. The goal of the social media post is to give the reader a reason to click on your website link.

2- Use the Right Demographics

Most products have a specific demographic of purchasers and wanted clients. All social media platforms have something different to offer their patrons, and it’s essential to understand the platform before making efforts towards them. Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram have a younger audience, and generally, it is good to direct products to people in their teens and early to late 20s on these platforms. Other platforms are a much better fit when selling products to people older than 30, and a couple of those platforms are Facebook and LinkedIn. Posting where possible customers are is very important.

3- Schedule Postings

It may seem easy enough to post from your phone while getting an oil change, and there is nothing wrong with doing this, but a schedule will be needed for consistency. Each platform has had studies on them to point out the most effective time to put posts up. Do your research on the media and post accordingly. An active page shows a business is alive and well.

4- Be Personal and Engage

While spreading your message is important, listening to the social media patrons and addressing any concerns they may bring up is also essential. Be social and professionally interact with them. Social media offers a direct connection to potential customers and current customers alike. Remember, when interacting with a single client, the entire social media platform viewers might read what you say, so be kind and professional. When used correctly, social media can be a direct path to healthy relationships with clients.