4 Ways to Use Horticulture to Help Your Store Stand Out

4 Ways to Use Horticulture to Help Your Store Stand Out

Horticulture isn’t your basic landscape – it’s landscaping with meaning. Horticulture is the cultivation of gardens and plants for medicinal ingredients and food. This can be everything from flowers to nuts and anything in between.

But how can you use it to help make your store stand out?

1. Bright & Tasty

It’s no secret that humans like bright colors and fresh smells. This is especially true when it comes to food. Utilizing horticulture for your storefront can help you stand out from the crowd with tantalizing smells and beautiful colors. Sweet potatoes, fruiting trees, edible flowers, and basil are all popular plants in landscaping to help improve the look, smell, and atmosphere of your location. Working with a professional team, you can decide what plants work best for you, your business, and your company’s image.

2. Offers Excitement

True, it may not be a vacation to the Bahamas, but there’s a special sort of joy when your clients can pick their food. It’s important to remember that if you’re too close to a road or parking lot, the food may not be completely safe to eat. But if you have the luxury of having some space between cars and plants – you can gladly offer your customers a little “extra” for stopping by. (This works especially well with kids!)

This can give you an edge over your competitors because your clients will enjoy going to your business. It won’t be a burden or a chore, but a mini-adventure. If you choose to use seasonal plants, it can also be a drawing factor for clients who will want to see what new fruits and veggies you have grown.

3. Dedication & Professionalism

Anyone can water the grass and keep it trim. When you have a (literally) productive ‘gardenscape’, people will know that you dedicate yourself to your business. You conduct yourself with professionalism and care. It says something beyond a brand name or store hours – it’s a living, functional, proud establishment.

It can also hint at more subtle things – like that your business cares about being eco-friendly and gives back to the community. Utilizing options like companion planting can show that your business is thorough and knowledgeable, too. (Plus the visual is stunning!)

4. Wow Factor

Street appeal is real, which is why landscaping is so popular. But there’s a difference between a business with a couple of trees and a well-manicured lawn and a business with bright, edible plants that are safe for curious kiddos and pets.

These edible delights are the kind of thing that not only grip potential clients’ attention but draw them in to come and see what you’re all about. Having great street appeal is just as important as advertising; in some ways, it’s a form of advertising in itself.

There are so many ways to use horticulture to help your store stand out from the rest. With a professional team working with you to overhaul your store’s lawn, you’re sure to attract new customers and give returning customers just one more reason to swing by.