5 Signs that Roofing Fascia Needs to be Repaired

5 Signs that Roofing Fascia Needs to be Repaired

Roofing fascia is the board that is attached to the gutter of your roof. It protects the exterior of your home from water damage by directing any rain or snow runoff away from the building. Roofing fascia can last for many years, but there are some signs that indicate it needs to be repaired. If you see these five signs on your roof, contact a roofing professional immediately.

1- Paint is Peeling

If you see paint peeling from the fascia, it is a sign that your roofing material has been damaged. It could be due to UV rays or water damage. In either case, water penetrates into the wood and begins rusting the nails that hold down the boards. Once all of these have corroded, they begin falling off, which leads to the peeling.

2- Leaking Gutters

Leaking gutters are a common sign of roofing fascia damage. If you notice that your gutters are not draining properly, there is a good chance that the boards have been weakened and water can penetrate them more easily. This penetrates into the wood and corrodes it from within. Eventually, holes will form in this area which leads to leaking in heavy rains.

3- Wood is Warping

If you notice that your roofing boards have become warped, then there has been damage from an excessive amount of moisture being present for too long. This means that mold has built upon the wood. It can also be caused by a lack of ventilation, which allows water to collect in multiple areas at once and damage it from below. Once the wood is warped it means that it is no longer waterproof and will need to be replaced.

4- Pest Infestation

If you notice small holes in the fascia, it is likely that termites have started to make a home there. This means they are already starting to eat away at your roofing material and can cause significant damage if not taken care of immediately.

Other pests like birds and mice can also make their way onto the fascia. If you notice bird droppings or nesting materials like twigs, it is a sign that they are living there. This means they will be building nests on your roofing material to lay eggs in which damages it further over time. Also, if you see a mouse or other animal droppings, then pests are likely living on the roofing fascia.

5- Fiberglass is Sticking Out

If you notice fiberglass sticking out from your fascia, then this typically means that there has been an excessive amount of moisture present on the exterior of your home and it got behind the wood. The fiberglass was meant to protect the wood from water damage, but it wasn’t correctly installed. With enough time and moisture exposure, it will begin breaking through boards because of its sharp edges.

There are a few signs that roofing fascia may need to be repaired in order to prevent water damage. If you notice paint peeling, leaking gutters, warped boards or pest infestation then contact a professional immediately. These 5 signs should not go unnoticed and can lead to severe issues with your home’s exterior if left untreated for too long. Again, if you see these problems on your roof, do not hesitate to call a professional.