The Agricultural Sector in the United States

The Agricultural Sector in the United States

Agriculture in the US is one of the most developed business fields. It is developing more and spreading to the whole market. The US is the top country in providing grain. The most important raw products that are sold are crops. Yet, agriculture takes only 3% of its GDP.

The fast development of US agriculture results from the use of modern technology. The country highly uses innovative machines and equipment. So, it reaches higher productivity with lower power costs. One of the most important companies providing agricultural equipment is Metra Group. It produces machines for crop processing. Their equipment works well both for small and big farms.

Grain Cleaner Metra

The Metra equipment uses modern technologies in its structure. There is a motor with a straight flow. It lets lessen the costs of power with the same productivity. The most economical are aerodynamic cleaners.

They take much less energy than the other kinds of cleaners. There is an increased saving of air because of a new impeller. The features of common cleaners are saved. Yet, this cleaner uses less power and needs fewer repairs. Another advantage of Metra cleaners is that they have a power regulator. It allows controlling and setting the speed of the impeller.

Crop Cleaners from Metra Group

Let’s look at what the future of agriculture in the US is. Today, agriculture completely covers the internal needs of the country. It means that the US does not have to buy food from other countries. It plants vegetables and animals on its farms. It is a great advantage as the country can export the goods. The export boosts the US economy. The biggest part of export is crops and fruit.

Metra Group

Yet, few people work in the agricultural sector. They make only 4% of the total working population. It is mainly big companies that engage in agricultural business. Despite the small GDP percentage, there is high labor productivity. One person in agriculture produces goods for 50 others. This is possible due to the new technology. Metra Group provides modern technological equipment. It lets people produce more goods with fewer power losses.

The company was created in 2002 in the US. From that time, it has sold over three thousand grain cleaners. Metra Group works with different countries. They include the US, Mexico, Canada, and others. Today, the company is spreading to new countries and opening new offices.