A Guide for Effectively Using a Street Team to Market a Product

A Guide for Effectively Using a Street Team to Market a Product

Modern consumers prefer online shopping that pushes most businesses to opt for digital marketing. Consequently, digital marketers bombard their targets with ongoing marketing campaigns and ads. Social media platforms are full of promotional messages and marketing schemes.

Modern marketers have lost personal touch with consumers and only reach them through online platforms. However, it doesn’t have to be the same for your business’s marketing strategy. Adding a bit of personal touch through street team marketing allows you to focus your efforts on the ground.

Street team marketing adds a human touch to your strategy and directly involves the consumer. It takes direct marketing actions that create a unique excitement. Customers can learn about your site, do product tastings, or attend your event. Here are some tips for marketing your products through street teams.

Set a Goal

Have a realistic goal of what you expect from the street team marketing. This way, you can measure your marketing performance and determine the right areas to tune. What is the end goal of marketing your products through street teams?

Your aim may be to increase product awareness and ensure the public learns about your products. This way, you can imprint an image of your product in their minds when making their next related purchase. Your products may be new in the market, and street teams are the most effective way for customers to sample.

The marketing team may also focus on increasing product sales or ensure customers visit your site for online purchases. Set a realistic, achievable, and measurable goal to track your street team marketing success.

Know Your Audience

It is also imperative to think about who you intend to target with your street team marketing campaign. This way, you can tailor your marketing based on demographics, location, and spending habits. You can check the areas where most consumers purchase your products.

Hence, you can create a campaign that suits your audience and appeals to them. You can create an event that excites your audience and brings them close to your business. Being strategic with your audience helps your street team to identify the right target and who to approach.

Set a Budget

Street teams are a cost-effective marketing strategy when applied the right way. Being strategic with your street team marketing will help market your product while keeping costs low and increasing revenue.

Determine how much each event will cost and the number of marketing events you intend to hold. Consider any promotional materials to give out, such as keyholders, t-shirts, or hoodies, and how much they’ll cost. Deliberate on how many people you intend to reach and how much it will cost your business.

Gather Your Fans

You may have some loyal fans of your products and brand. Hence, you can gather a crowd of your fans and distribute t-shirts, caps, or hoodies to improve your campaign. They can make a bit of noise that’s good to create attention and hype for your product.

Your fans and street team will work to lure prospects and bring attention to your campaign. Hence, more people can learn about your product and make purchases.

Last but not least, have a street team manager who can communicate any changes and control the event. You can conduct with the street team manager and work on making your campaign a total success. Take time to organize and plan your strategy to settle for a street team marketing campaign that works for your product.