8 Low-Cost Ideas for Throwing a Going Away Party for a Coworker

8 Low-Cost Ideas for Throwing a Going Away Party for a Coworker

Are you looking for some low-cost ideas for throwing a going-away party for a coworker? Whether your colleague is moving across the country or just switching jobs, we’ve got you covered. From potluck parties to personalized goodbye gifts, here are eight fun and easy ways to say farewell.

1- Potluck Party

A potluck party is a great way to celebrate a coworker’s move to another place. Not only does it remove the pressure from you as the host, but it also allows those who wish to contribute the chance to contribute.

The best part about this idea? Everyone can bring their favorite dish! This works best if everyone contributes something small so that the party isn’t just an evening of eating.

2- Goodbye Gifts

An excellent goodbye gift is a personalized item with a touch of office humor. For example, if your colleague is a huge fan of Star Wars, try having a farewell party and giving him one of these DIY lightsabers. This is another low-cost idea that shows you value the time spent working together.

3- Money Tree Plant

A money tree plant is another excellent farewell gift idea that can be taken with your friend to remind her of everyone at the office after she’s gone. If you’re not familiar with them, a money tree plant is a small tree that can be grown from a cutting. It is said to grow on average one to two feet per year and will bear leaves that look like money.

4- Set Up a Photobooth

Another fun way to say goodbye is by setting up a photo booth in the office. If you have an iPhone, it comes with a free app that allows you to make custom photo strips, similar to this one. Or, if your friend or colleague is leaving for college or starting a new job, he can bring his mobile phone and take a strip to make sure everyone knows to use his unique number.

5- Play Games

Playing video games is a great way to have fun with your coworkers while saying goodbye. This is a low-cost idea that doesn’t require a lot of planning or setup, and it can provide a good laugh for everyone involved. Some games include Mario Kart, Smash Bros., and even Cards Against Humanity.

6- Hang Banners or Balloons with the Coworker’s Name

Arrange balloons and banners around the office or outdoor space, so your coworker feels like they are walking into a party when he returns to his desk. This is another low-cost idea that can add a little cheer to your friend’s workday.

7- Hire a Band or DJ for Music Night

If you want to say goodbye to a party, what better way than with live music? Hire a DJ or band for the night and dance away with your coworkers! This is another excellent low-cost idea that can produce hours of entertainment.

8- Write Well Wishes and Memories on Post-Its

Write everyone’s favorite memory of the coworker on a post-it, and place them on his desk after he leaves. This is another excellent way to say goodbye that doesn’t involve spending money or hours of work.

There are many ways to say goodbye. Try one of these ideas for your coworker’s next departure! They will appreciate the effort you put in, and they’ll have a great story to tell when they get to their new destination.