How to Find an Appropriate Scent for the Office

How to Find an Appropriate Scent for the Office

A well-tailored suit, silk tie, and well-groomed hair are essential business attire. Most people don’t wear cologne to work. You won’t feel ready for the day until you smell like a million bucks, which won’t happen until you put on a great cologne. This isn’t like picking a romantic perfume. Which colognes are office-appropriate? There’s no silver bullet. The right cologne will become your “signature scent” among coworkers. Here are some suggestions for workplace colognes.


A fragrance’s lingering scent is referred to as its sillage. Have you ever recognized a person by their scent before you saw them? The term “projection” refers to sillage, something you want to avoid. If you wear perfume to work, you should select one with a low sillage so that your scent does not compete with others. Put the booze away until after work. In open spaces and outside, you can get away with wearing perfumes with a moderate amount of sillage if you’re constantly moving around. If you don’t want to alienate your coworkers, avoid expensive perfumes.


Those of you who have full-time jobs most likely spend most of your day away from the house. When selecting a scent to wear to the office, another factor to consider is how long the fragrance will last. You can also put to rest the notion that giving your perfume a few extra spritzes first thing in the morning will make it last longer. This is not the case. It is possible that the people around you will feel uneasy or that your white shirt will become soiled.

Properly Smell-Test Fragrances

Trying on different perfumes is the most important step in identifying your new signature scent. Applying it to a warm body part, such as your wrist or elbow, allows the scent to heat up and develop over time. How a perfume “wears,” how it aromas on you, how strong it is, and how long it lasts can vary depending on the time of day. The way your skin smells can also be affected by your surroundings. Wear your perfume at least for several different settings.

Perfume and the Changing of the Seasons

The type of fragrance, in addition to the weather, is another important consideration. If you are going to be traveling to a country with a significantly colder climate for business purposes, you should use stronger colognes. On the other hand, fragrances that are lighter and more ethereal are recommended for use in tropical climates that are warm and humid.

Perfume has the power to immortalize us in another person’s mind. Putting on a rousing perfume can give you a boost of energy and strength, but how well do we understand the other benefits of perfume? Choose a fragrance that isn’t overpowering as a basic guideline. It needs to look good in the office, in the client’s office, and on your workstation. Choose one that won’t be too overpowering for your coworker’s sensitive nose. If you want to create a positive impression, keep things simple.