6 Ways to Make Customers Feel More Welcome at a Business

6 Ways to Make Customers Feel More Welcome at a Business

If you want to encourage customers to return, one of the best things you can do is make them feel as welcome as possible during their first visit. After all, this is your only chance at winning them over. Of course, it’s worth trying to discern what kind of place they like and what provides that experience. But if they give no indication, there are a few universal rules that can help make any customer feel comfortable — even if they’re used to big box stores where nothing but the items on display matter.

1. Hang A Welcome Sign

To create the kind of atmosphere the customer wants when they walk through the door, intersperse your welcome signs among eye-catching displays. And while they’re at it, add a few in other areas to people notice when they stop by the bottom corner of each store, behind registers, and even on receipts.

2. Put Your Business Cards in a Place That They’ll See

Your business cards only have to do with your products or services. But if you have an upbeat business card, you can include what you can offer them afterward. If people see a sample of the services or products, they will know what kind of person you are before they even meet you. Of course, putting the card up where nobody is likely to see it means it won’t be able to help them when they need it.

3. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

If something’s broken, you should fix it. If something needs to be fully prepared for your customer, take the initiative to make it right. It means you don’t have to be offended when a customer suggests something should be fixed. It also doesn’t mean taking every little suggestion personally or being mad at them if they’ve commented in your store.

4. Use Pest Control Services Regularly

The pests you have don’t just bug you and bother you; they also make customers lose their appetite for your business. If these bugs ruin a customer’s experience, it will impact whether he returns to buy other items. To avoid this issue, use a pest control service regularly.

5. Please Don’t Ignore Them

A customer’s first time at your business may be impressed with what they see. They may have been waiting a while and may be ready to go. Only let them leave if you want them to go somewhere else. You want to make sure that their first impression is something you can build on in the future so that they feel as comfortable returning as possible.

6. Offer a Drink or Light Snack

Offering a drink like bottled water or a light snack like popcorn makes customers feel appreciated and welcome. Especially if you have a business where customers are having to wait (ex. auto shop or dog grooming service), investing in light refreshments for your customers will go a long way in customer satisfaction and retention. Customers will continue to come back to your location because they feel at home and valued.