How to Make a Visitor-Friendly Space on a Commercial Property

How to Make a Visitor-Friendly Space on a Commercial Property

Considering ways to make your commercial property a more welcoming and visitor-friendly space? We offer a few professional tips for achieving a complementary look that impresses employees and visitors alike.

Place Emphasis on Focal Areas and Entryways

Both staff and clients appreciate arriving to an inviting entrance to the property with interesting features that are highlighted. Enhancing the current hardscaping, style, and architecture of the building beautifies the property and adds to visual aesthetics. Entrances can pop with plants, vibrant colorful plants, and water features. Some companies have dedicated atriums with living walls, plants, and seating areas that are reachable using interesting pavers for a walkway. Of course, a primary focal area should be your company’s name and logo, so make it stand out as much as possible.

Incorporate Hedges and Trees

These installations can make a dramatic visual statement while providing additional benefits for the property’s visitors. Trees can provide shade and have benches beneath them. They can also offer noise reduction that allows occupants to enjoy a quieter space. Hedges also increase privacy and security. Adding retaining walls around stairways and near entryways can make plants stand out and also provide a bit of drain-off water control. To boot, these living additions can increase the value of the property.

Light Up Landscaping

An excellent way to enhance and showcase focal areas, walkways, paver paths, stairs, common spaces, and entrances is by taking advantage of illuminating these areas. Strategically placed outdoor lighting is a relatively simple and affordable way to increase a property’s visual appeal. Lighting up certain spaces can boost safety and security, particularly during seasons with less sunny hours daily. There are many ways to achieve a new look with lights.

Use accent or overhead lighting to large spaces that visitors tend to frequent, such as walkways, parking lots, entrances, and stairways. To save money when not in use, solar or motion-activated lighting is an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Highlight focal areas like signage, plant beds, and trees with softer accent lighting.

Keep Landscaping Well Maintained

A top way to improve property value and increase visitor appeal is by having expertly designed, well-manicured landscaping. Professionals who special in commercial property planning, design, and installation can explain ways to make the most of these efforts. Experienced landscapes can ensure that the grounds look and function at superior levels.

Work With Seasonal Changes

When the seasons transition from warm to chilly, some types of plants change colors, while others may drop their leaves entirely. A few plants and trees that flourish year-round can make a huge difference. Consider incorporating traditional seasonal and holiday plantings for a festive atmosphere.

Boost the Appeal of Your Commercial Property with Ease

There are many ways to enhance the visual appeal of commercial structures. It’s all about balance, planned designs, and upkeep that makes occupants feel more comfortable and at ease. For optimal results within your budget, reach out to commercial hardscaping specialists and lighting professionals for advice and to design and install your vision.