Microsoft Teams vs. SharePoint: Which Service Is Right for Your Business?

Microsoft Teams vs. SharePoint: Which Service Is Right for Your Business?

Did you know that there are over 1.2 billion Microsoft Office customers worldwide?

Companies everywhere use Microsoft (MS) tools in a vast number of fields. Users collaborate to accomplish an astonishingly complex array of tasks. 

You probably use either Microsoft teams or Sharepoint every day. This could be to share information and collaborate on projects. 

Which tool is best? Where do you stand on the Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint debate?

Why not read our in-depth guide to these tools to see which one can best help your business. 

Why Use Microsoft Teams?

If you want to enjoy instant communication with your team, MS Teams can help you. It is a robust tool that incorporates much of the functionality of Slack. However, Teams unleashes this in the MS ecosystem. 

This means that it communicates well with other MS tools such as Office. However, in addition to this, it has a range of add-on tools such as Planner that can help you to manage complex projects and task management easily. 

Whereas most people use Sharepoint from a browser interface, Teams requires you to download a client. The client requires regular updating.

However, all these tools are available within the app. This offers unrivaled functionality and speed. 

Why Use Sharepoint?

Sharepoint allows you to create a bespoke collaboration and document sharing infrastructure. Its construction can be complex and require Sharepoint support services. However, the final result can be very powerful. 

Using Sharepoints building blocks you can create document management systems. These could incorporate tickets, documents, inventory, and other constantly changing items of data. 

You can essentially run your company’s workflows and record-keeping within this tool. This is thanks to Sharepoint’s ever-expanding functionality.

Sharepoint has excellent collaboration functionality. However, this does not compare with the slick instant messaging available within Teams. 

In the final analysis, the best solution would be to leverage the strengths of both tools. 

The Ultimate Solution: Use Teams and Sharepoint

Microsoft constructed these tools with larger companies in mind. These companies will have multiple teams working on complex tasks. They need to communicate with multiples teams on a range of matters quickly. 

Sharepoints and Teams can work together as part of a holistic solution. This will increase efficiency when handling both documents and verbal communication. 

The trick is to find where you want to increase efficiency. Then to apply either Teams or Sharepoint as a solution according to the need.

Microsoft Teams vs Sharepoint and Much More

Where do you stand on the Microsoft Teams vs Sharepoint debate? These are both excellent tools that can amplify efficiency and improve communication. 

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