3 Reasons to Celebrate a Solar Eclipse With Your Employees

3 Reasons to Celebrate a Solar Eclipse With Your Employees

The solar eclipse is one of the most mysterious, captivating, and once-in-a-lift-time experiences for many people around the world. It’s no wonder that people travel far and wide to catch a glimpse of eclipses, even during work hours. For employers, it’s best to get ahead of the curve and use the solar eclipse as an opportunity to celebrate! While it might seem strange to encourage employees to spend company time doing something other than working, you’ll be surprised at just how beneficial this type of event can be. Here are three reasons to celebrate the solar eclipse with your employees.

1. Prevent Lost Time and Call-Offs

By far one of the best reasons to celebrate the solar eclipse with your employees is to prevent massive call-offs. Many employees don’t want to miss the eclipse, even if it means using sick time or vacation time to do so. As an employer, it’s always vital to abide by employer laws and grant any requested sick time, even if it means you know deep down that your employee is only using it for a mini vacation to see the eclipse!

Granting sick time can be a blow to your office, leading to lost productivity and ultimately lost revenue. Prevent these call-offs from impacting your business by simply hosting a voluntary solar eclipse event! The eclipse only lasts a couple of minutes from beginning to end. While you might have to invest in safety gear, such as eclipse glasses, this is only a fraction of the cost compared to a massive call-off, which could potentially impact your business.

2. Use the Event for Team Building

No business can run successfully without an efficient team at the helm. But, building a team might be a bit more difficult than you think. Different personalities, roles, and hierarchies in the office can make it downright impossible for some employees to work together. The solar eclipse is the perfect time to get your employees together for some fun, team building exercises!

For instance, you can assign roles to help some employees take pictures and commemorate the event. Other employees can be responsible for gathering eclipse-themed party gifts, and yet others can be responsible for keeping track of the eclipse and informing the team when it’s time to head out for a viewing party!

Whatever type of team building exercises you choose to do, the solar eclipse is one of the best times to get employees together and create memories. All of your employees will be part of a special experience, and can work together to make the solar eclipse a memorable part of your office!

3. Boost Morale

Lastly, it’s important not to force your employees to partake in solar eclipse events, especially if it’s outside of work hours. The solar eclipse is a great way to boost morale, but only if it’s done voluntarily and doesn’t involve busy work!

Consider sweetening the deal by making the viewing event a trip outside of the office. You can make a day of it and choose to view the eclipse from a nearby hiking trail or viewing spot. Employers can also use this as an opportunity to share their real selves with employees. Talk about your interest in the eclipse, ask questions about what employees enjoy most about this type of event, and get to know your employees during the event. Doing so is a great way to boost morale among your team.