8 Great Local Advertising Ideas a Law Practice Should Try

8 Great Local Advertising Ideas a Law Practice Should Try

The legal profession is difficult for new attorneys and law firms to break into because it takes so much time to digest case law and gain experience.

Experience is valuable and often draws clients to the most established names who have built a legacy and reputation for themselves.

Nevertheless, as with any business, attorneys can find their niche and provide a high-quality alternative in many services by using the 8 advertising ideas below:

1: Sponsor a Sports Team

Sponsoring a local sports team with fresh equipment and uniforms can create a buzz in the neighborhood. It shows that you care about the community and that you are trying to help people in more ways than legal services.

The public is very critical of character when it comes to attorneys. An attorney who has genuine empathy for the legal difficulties a client is facing can be trusted to perform with heart and dedication.

Some attorneys simply regard clients as numbers and don’t care about their personal problems. By distinguishing yourself as a warm and friendly attorney who is community-minded and a friend of the people, it is easier to get valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

2: Spend Time at Court

When attorneys spend time in the courtroom observing cases daily, they have the

opportunity to bump into clients who may need their services. They also gain experience by seeing how more experienced attorneys handle cases and how the courts view claims. It is a great way to get virtual courtroom experience and observe the procedures of the court.

3: Network with Other Law Firms

It is important for attorneys who let other law firms that they are available to handle particular cases. Most law firms limit their practice of law to certain facets. A referral by an established attorney can go a long way in boosting your credibility as a viable alternative.

4: Write Law Journals

Demonstrating your expertise on the law by writing about legal subjects can make you the go-to guy for attorneys when they have questions. It also establishes your name as a leader in a particular field and garnishes respect. When the journals are made available on your website, this can demonstrate that you are an active litigant and well-versed in particular areas of law.

5: Hand Out Business Cards

Attorneys who are looking for work should be handing out business cards everywhere they go. Putting your name out there and making people aware of your services is a slow and constant process. By handing out business cards whenever possible, it creates a social network that never stops growing.

6: Billboards

Billboards are another great way to help the public add psychological value to your name. If they remember an attractive billboard with your ads on it, this can be reassuring that you are well invested in your practice and established.

7: Newsletters

Sending out newsletters to clients to keep them up to date on current events your law firm is handling keeps building interest in your firm. You can write about current litigation or provide free legal tips for former and prospective clients who subscribe.

8: Direct Contact

When people are arrested or news is released regarding civil legal problems, you can contact those parties directly and see if they are interested. Reading the news is a great way to select clients instead of waiting for them to call you.