Reverse Image Search: Online Image Search Tool

Reverse Image Search: Online Image Search Tool

If you are looking for detailed information about a picture, then worry not. Now you have an online service that can help you in this just one click. If you have any keyword stuck in your mind, then this online service can take you to the background story without staining your hands with dust and dirt.

Reverse image search is a completely online tool. You can use its services via any web browser without paying a single penny. This image lookup engine takes you to the high-resolution pictures with different sizes.

If you are a movie geek, you can collect posters of movies with better image quality. You do not have to waste a lot of time or money while using reverse image search services. Instead of relying on text-based queries, you can directly use the graphics to dig deep into the mountain of information.

How does reverse image search work?

Reverse image search could be accessed online through any web browser like Google, Yandex, and Bing. It detects the faces and different elements present in the uploaded image. Google will bring to you similar images with different sizes and pages containing information related to that picture.

The application is made user friendly to make it easily accessible for any person. There are no subscription charges or registration requirements for using this service. No additional advertisements and hidden charges are there to deceive its users.

What is the process to search image online on reverse image search:

  • The first thing you have to do is establish a strong and stable internet connection.
  • After that, open the Google search engine and go to
  • On the official site, there are three options to search for the content.
  • Upload the image from your Mac or PC by clicking on the “upload image here” option given there.
  • After uploading an image, the three options will appear. You can see the results by clicking on any search engine that includes Google, Yandex, and Bing.
  • The other two options available are keywords and image URLs.
  • You can use this service on Android or iPhone devices.
  • Another option is to use the URL of the image and paste it in the search bar or use the keywords to search.
  • After clicking on the “URL of the image” you have to paste the address in the field that will appear after clicking on the option.
  • Click on the “search image” option and all the results will be available on your screen.

Reverse image search is based on Optical character recognition technology. It is a CBIR or also known as a Content-Based Image Retrieval query tool. The people present in the picture can be identified by using a reverse image search algorithm. This tool gathers all the surfing results in one place by retrieving the results from three different search engines.

The place present in an image can be found out with this image search tool. For historians, this facility is a luxury. They can take a picture and upload it. All the related information from online databases will be on your screen within seconds.

Why do you need a reverse image search in your life?

Reverse image search is used by many people for professional use. If you are a social media star or influencer, the reverse image is going to act as your assistant. You can keep an eye on the misuse of your images by running a search on this site.

All the people using your pictures without your permission or not giving any credits will be in front of you. You can track them down to ask for credits. Apart from that, reverse image lookup is the best way to enhance your knowledge about a certain thing you are not clear about.

For many graphic designers, reverse image search is a haven. Image lookup is necessary to keep control of your data. It allows you to spot the people who steal your work. The image search engine keeps the data safe from unauthorized users.


In the end, the whole discussion can be concluded by saying that reverse image search utilities have made surfing with the help of images easy and convenient. Without getting into any trouble, anyone can run a search on any image they want to know about.

The image searcher is free and easy to use service. All the people around the world can get benefited from its services as long as a fast internet connection is available. The use could be for personal reasons like checking whether someone is using your profile picture without you knowing it.

Professionals can use it for the safety of professional content. Many visual artists end up getting their pictures and paintings stolen. This service helps a lot in keeping a check on this aspect as well. An added benefit is that the images you upload or any other data is not stored in any database. This ensures the security of your personalized content.