3 Marketing Tips For A Life Coach Starting Their Business

If you have recently become a life coach and are now on your journey of launching your business and building up your client base, chances are this thing called “marketing” can feel a bit overwhelming. But rest assured that while it can be quite complex, it does not have to be complicated.

The truth is that the simpler you keep your business model, the better it is for many reasons. All too often new coaches assume that they need to overwhelm themselves with all the bells and whistles being touted by all the marketing gurus. All this will do is frustrate and confuse you.

Here are the five most important things you need to focus on when you first get started with your life coaching business:

  1. Branding & Positioning

The worst decision you could ever make is trying to be everything to everyone. It is impossible for you to be able to speak to every type of demographic there is. In the marketing world, they call this “finding your tribe” and it’s all about being laser focused on who you best serve.

For example…

Women over 40 who are recently divorced

Men over 50 who are getting close to retiring

Girls out of college trying to figure their way out in life

It’s important that you hone in on one specific group of people and then speak directly to them with your marketing materials.

  1. Social Media

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, and YouTube, how can a new life coach be on all of them? You can’t.

Pick one of these platforms where you think your audience is and focus all of your energy on there. This is why identifying your target market is so important because if you decide to go after a younger demographic, then Instagram or SnapChat may be a better fit.

Or if you decide to target young women, then Pinterest could be a good fit. Whatever you do, don’t try to be everywhere at once. You will burn yourself out that way.

  1. Build Your List

One thing that all of the marketing gurus will say and is very true is that you need to build your email list because that becomes a free asset in which you can stay connected with your audience for almost free (compared to the cost of most advertising).

However, it is essential that you have a good email marketing strategy in place so that you establish a good relationship with them. Don’t just capture emails for the sake of building your list. Make sure you have good content in place to build rapport with them.