Manufactured Spend Successful with This Creative Real Estate Investor

Manufactured Spend Successful with This Creative Real Estate Investor

Manufactured spending is a way of maximizing credit card spending to earn extra points as you minimize the adverse effects on your bank account balance. It is about using your credit card to pay for expenses and getting cash back. This creative real estate investor, Brandon Elliott, has high knowledge of using credit cards and making manufactured spend successful. He helps others know how they can benefit from it.

About Brandon Elliott

He is an experienced real estate investor who utilizes credit to invest in real estate using his “BRRRR Strategy.” He has a thriving credit repair and trade lines company, and he takes joy in training people the credit hacks he uses to grow his business, such as building substantial credit lines for personal and trade up to 7 figures. He also guides manufactured spending techniques, showing ways to create millions of points equivalent to cash, free travels, and even buying properties using credit cards.

Brandon could liquidate over $200K for a safety net when purchasing a 4-PLEX in one of the most desirable locations in San Diego from the credit knowledge taught in his Elite Credit Course. His passion for helping others reach their financial freedom, too, led Brandon to host the “Ready. Set. Go. Real Estate Investing” podcast, sharing how one can invest in real estate successfully with little to no money utilizing credit. Brandon has completed numerous Fix & Flips locally in San Diego and across the country out of state virtually, with his worst project being 60% cash-on-cash return ROI.

Using Manufactured Spending with Credit Cards

One of the easiest ways to earn manufactured spending is through credit card bonuses. For example, purchasing properties using credit cards in real estate will allow you to make credit card bonuses from the transactions. Therefore, you can protect yourself from contractors by paying site credit cards, which quickly add enough points for great rewards like free vacations. 

Credit card sign-up bonuses are another, to earn thousands of dollars worth of travel. To gain more credit card bonuses, you need to meet a minimum spend requirement. You will have to charge a certain amount on your card within the first few months of ownership. Manufactured spending is an easy way to fortify a set amount on a credit card account without spending extra cash within your limit. You could also buy money orders or gift cards with your credit card and use the purchase funds to turn around and pay your credit card statement. Again, to make manufactured spend successful, you need to avoid mistakes such as;

  • Buying bulk gift cards

It would be best to buy enough gift cards; you can exhaust when you use up your credit card. Buying more than you can liquidate will cost you money. You could use a schedule to meet your minimum spending. Buying in bulk may also result in a purchase limit or a complete ban, as stores are careful about the usage. 

  • Losing your gift cards

Another great mistake is misplacing your gift cards, as it will increase your expenses. Losing gift cards resonates with the first point where you should avoid buying more than you can control, so you can easily monitor them. Losing gift cards is more costly than paying credit card interest fees. It would help if you scribbled down the card number to track it until you fully liquidate it. It will also help if you know the balance of gift cards, and you will have the information necessary to request a replacement.


With this knowledge on manufactured spending, you can start equipping those bonuses to go for that vacation, buy a property, or convert those points to cash for other expenses. Brandon Elliott makes it easy for many to use credit cards to purchase a cost-effective property due to the manufactured spend.