Three door designs to revamp your house in 2019

Doors are an essential accessory in interior design. They could be the first element that people notice in a house and a sleek door can complement the overall mood curated by a designer or homeowner. Though most doors in a home should match, people can choose different styles depending upon the utility or where it will be installed. For example, the entrance to the living room could be a sliding one while the shower door could be frosted glass to ensure privacy. To search for trendy door designs, people can check out an Online Door Store to see what options are available and what would complement their house.

Below, three-door designs can help you spring clean and revamp your house this year.

Unglazed doors

Unglazed doors are minimalistic and require little upkeep. They are rustic without being over the top or heavy. Continued use brings out the texture and character of the door which makes them a good choice for people who want a long term investment. These are perfect for a contemporary house because the natural wood colour goes well with walls painted in solid and neutral colours.

These can be acquired from an online door store. Online stores tend to have more variety than an on-site store and allow consumers to have their shopping delivered to their doorstep. Unglazed doors can come with glass panels and slits or without them. It depends upon customer preference if they want a particular style or the other.

Panel doors

Panel doors are never going to go out of fashion. They comprise of inset or protruding panels that increase the rigidity of a door. Since they do not have any heavy element or friezes, they accentuate the interior of living space without becoming an eyesore. Since clean and wide areas are trending in real estate, panel doors become an excellent choice for modern housing.

A door may have anywhere from two to six panels. At online door stores, house owners can search for door sizes and types that fit their requirements. Such doors are excellent for bedrooms and bathrooms because they do not attract much attention but are not so simple to be bland. They are also an excellent choice for kitchens if painted in shades of beige or brown and fitted with a decent doorknob.

Vestibule doors

A good house should not be dark and dreary and should let in plenty of light. The characteristic feature of vestibule doors is that they give in light and air and make a living space bright and warm. For sitting rooms, family rooms and sunrooms, vestibule doors are a favourite. The upper half of the door usually consists of small glass panels or one large panel. The body of the door can be fibreglass though wood such as oak and pine is favourite. However, these doors shouldn’t be used for spaces such as bedrooms or toilets because privacy is required in such places.