Surviving Work While In Your First Trimester

Surviving Work While In Your First Trimester

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expecting mothers, but it comes with plenty of downsides. The first trimester alone is emotionally and physically exhausting. While you might want to just stay in bed for the first parts of your pregnancy (who wouldn’t?), life’s obligations go on. Here’s how to survive work while you’re dealing with the downsides of your first trimester, according to the experts at

It’s Okay to Keep Things to Yourself

A lot of that first-trimester pressure comes from deciding when and who to tell about your pregnancy. Some women prefer to keep things under wraps for the first twelve weeks until they know the baby is okay, others are ready to shout their triumph to the world on a megaphone. Either is perfectly normal and acceptable. 

If you do want to keep things under wraps, then don’t feel pressured to tell anyone about it. The issue is taking time off for doctor’s appointments, but you can get around this one easily. First, try to schedule your appointments when you’re off. Second, you can always make up a different reason for needing an extended lunch. Maybe you have an imaginary relative in town? 

Save Those Sick Days

Between all of your biological changes and doctor’s appointments, you’re going to want to just stay in bed. It’s tempting to take the time off work, but hold onto your sick and PTO days as long as possible. You’re going to need them later in your pregnancy. Plus, you might run into pregnancy leave issues down the road that those days can solve. 

Instead, see if you can’t work from home. Even a few days out of the week makes a world of difference. You can get your work done while dealing with the aches, pains, and nausea you’ll be experiencing in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 

Pack a Lunch

Think of whatever your favorite food is. Got it? Now, imagine passing that up for mayo-covered pickle slices or ice cream on toast. Whatever your cravings end up looking like, you probably won’t find them nearby or in the office. So, pack something that’s going to satisfy those hormones to ensure you’re eating enough. 

Pick a Bestie

Everyone has at least one close friend at work. While they might not be your official bestie, their role as your work bestie is going to help you survive the next few months. This is the person who will hear about your aches, pains, and bodily changes that others might not find so pleasant. 

This individual will share in your happiness and struggles from first trimester monitoring to a hormonally-charged breakdown over something you would normally find minor. More importantly, they act as a support system while you’re work. Whether you think you need one or not, it’s highly beneficial for your wellbeing to have this type of friend around during your pregnancy. 

Schedule Your Appointments in Advance

Your work schedule is probably hectic enough. Throw in the difficulty of nabbing an early morning doctor’s appointment into the mix, and you can see how this quickly becomes a nightmare. Do yourself a favor by booking multiple appointments in advance. That’s one headache you won’t have to worry about.