5 DIY Home Repairs You Can Do Even If You’re Not Handy

5 DIY Home Repairs You Can Do Even If You’re Not Handy

DIY shows and projects are all the rage. Not only do they help save money, but DIY projects give you a sense of accomplishment.

Worried that you’re not handy enough to perform some of the creative projects you see on TV and in magazines? Never fear!

Here we’ll cover five DIY home repairs that are insanely easy, regardless of your skill level.

Grab your tape measure and toolbox and let’s get into it!

1. Cooking Spray on a Squeaky Door

There’s nothing worse than the constant annoyance of a squeaky door. While WD-40 is made specifically for lubricating joints, you may not have it handy all the time.

Look no further than your kitchen cabinet for a solution. Cooking spray works wonders for squeaky doors and cabinets.

Spray a small amount of cooking spray on the hinges of your door or cabinet and say good-bye to the noisy nuisance.

Are squeaky floorboards your nemesis? That creaking sound you hear with each step is likely thanks to two pieces of wood rubbing together.

The solution? Baby powder!

Fill a small squeeze bottle with the powder and squeeze it directly between the boards. Clean-up excess mess using a small brush. Try to force the loose powder into the problem area. 

Not only will your floorboards stop squeaking, but your home will smell baby fresh!

2. Kool-Aid for a Leaky Toilet

The Kool-Aid man is good for more than just quenching your child’s thirst (and delivering a sugar rush). 

You can actually use a packet of Kool-Aid powder mix to determine if your toilet is leaking.

Remove the toilet tank lid and pour the contents of the Kool-Aid inside. It’s recommended you use a dark-colored flavor like cherry or grape for the best results.

Now, wait 30 minutes to see if the water inside the toilet bowl turns color. If so, you have a leaky toilet on your hands. 

After discovering the leak, use these plumbing tips to determine the cause and find a solution.

3. Unscrew a Broken Lightbulb with a Potato

Broken lightbulbs can be dangerous for two reasons – cuts from the broken glass and risk of electrocution. 

Once a lightbulb is broken in the socket it can be difficult to remove. Instead of trying to avoid the jagged edges, try using a potato!

Take a regular, cooking spud and cut it in half. Use the soft side to push into the broken lightbulb and turn counterclockwise. All the broken glass should stick into the flesh of the potato.

This lets you safely and easily remove and replace the broken bulb. Safety tip: always make sure the power to the socket is turned off when trying this DIY home repair.

4. Patch Nail Holes with a Bar of Soap

Nail holes and pops in your wall are all part of homeownership. But that doesn’t mean you have to be plagued by these unsightly holes.

Take a bar of white soap and using a counterclockwise circular motion, cover the hole with a thin layer of soap. Wipe away residue using a wet cloth.

You can find another solution to patch nail holes among your child’s school supplies. Crayons!

Using a color that matches your wall, rub the crayon over the hole using firm pressure. The waxy crayon helps fill the hole and guests are none the wiser!

5. Repair Wood Dents with a Hot Iron

Hardwood floors and wooden furniture are subject to bends and bulges over time. A quick fix for reshaping warped wood involves a hot iron.

Take a small amount of water and wet the dented area. Next, cover it with a moist towel. Finally, smooth the area with a hot iron using a circular motion until the dent is no longer visible.

Water penetrates the wood and swells the fibers back to their normal state. For small dents, just use the tip of the iron.

DIY Home Repairs Made Simple

You don’t have to be an HGTV star to perform these DIY home repairs. Using a few household items and a little creativity, you can fix common problems with ease. Roofing can be a totally different task, if you have problems with your roof, work with a professional roofer like Vetcon Construction Services, Inc Check out our blog and resource center for more lifehacks and environmentally-friendly tips!

Check out our blog and resource center for more lifehacks and environmentally-friendly tips!