10 Tips to Finding the Right MSP for an SMB

10 Tips to Finding the Right MSP for an SMB

Finding the right Managed Service Provider to work with for your business is vital. Your MSP can provide security, tech support, desk services, and support with compliance around other issues, so it’s important you find a company that perfectly complements your needs. Here are some tips one what to consider while researching MSPs to ensure you find the best solution.

IT Helpdesk with desk service and response time

However simple your technical needs, you will inevitably run into technical hiccups. At those moments, it’s important that your MSP has a fast response time with experts on call to help you solve your IT issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Third-party vendor partnerships

Many MSPs have partnerships with specific companies that distribute security, or office software, such as Microsoft or Sophos, among others. Getting to know your MSP and their reliability with the services they offer can give you opportunities for good third-party partnerships as they may help you to receive discounts for their quality products.

Local on-site tech support

Finding an MSP who works locally, or who has offices operating in your local area, can be a game-changer. A company like this will be able to offer on-site support with hardware as well as remote advice and cloud-based services.

Cyber Security support

One of the most important roles played by an MSP is their ability to manage and consult you on your cybersecurity. Make sure whatever MSP you choose has strong programs in play, alongside great password management and control policies, otherwise you may be putting your data at risk of compromise.

Compliance support

Depending on your industry area, many businesses are now required by law to implement specific measures to comply with various security protocols. Failure to do this could result in fines and loss of business. Your MSP should be aware of these measures and willing to advise you regarding their compliance.

Uptime or Issue Response time

Experiencing problems with your internet, especially problems that cause disconnection ‘downtime’, can be stressful. Finding an MSP who offers guaranteed maximum response times is a key factor in ensuring your business’s uptime is kept as stable as possible.


You will need to work closely with your MSP as you work through your systems, and it will pay off to build a lasting partnership with them. As you look for an MSP to start building this relationship with, bear in mind that you’ll need your goals to align and that you’ll need to be able to trust them with your system security.


Documentation is an important way to keep up to date with the latest developments in security, especially if problems crop up that haven’t been seen before. Finding an MSP who is committed to keeping documentation with a clear strategy in place will help greatly with your plans and future workflow.


Choosing an MSP who is committed to proactively reviewing your systems and keeping them up to date is an important part of making sure your business remains protected in the long term.

Industry Expertise

An MSP without current industry expertise is almost useless, so make sure the MSP you choose to work with is up to date on developments across the online business world.

Account Manager

Your account manager will be the person you work closely with, within your MSP, and it’s important you have a good relationship. Choose someone you trust, who feels like a reliable and responsible person to entrust with your business.


Picking the right MSP for your business is an important choice, and you’ll really want to get to know them first so you know you’re enlisting the right fit and work ethic for your company. If you’re searching for an IT company in Houston, Texas to help you with your business needs, get started today.