5 Organic Herbs To Preserve Your Immune System In Fighting Shape

The pandemic has turned this phase of our life into an unprecedented one. Among the various lessons the pandemic has forced upon us, we have realized how critical our immune system is. This complex network of proteins and cells is our most significant defense against colds, infections, and other harmful bacteria, and we have taken it for granted until this moment.

Although we cannot avoid COVID-19 merely by strengthening our immune system, we can take preventative measures to ensure our body can handle the new virus. Even without the pandemic, it’s good practice to keep the immune system going strong. Eating nutrient-rich food, working out, and avoiding things like smoking, sleep deprivation, and chronic stress are excellent ways to strengthen the immune system. But if you wish to go the extra mile, consider incorporating these five organic herbs into your daily diet.


Garlic comes with a potent smell and potent antimicrobial properties as well. This herb can boost the immune system by fighting germs and viruses in the common flu and cold. Incorporating this herb into your daily diet is an excellent way of practicing prevention, as studies show that garlic can lower the risk of flu symptoms. Moreover, when they get sick, people who take garlic regularly experience shorter bouts of the flu.


CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant species. What distinguishes CBD from other cannabinoids such as THC is that it has no intoxicating psychoactive effects. When you take CBD, there is no risk of becoming high, paranoid, nor can you overdose from it.

Researchers have been digging deep into the cannabinoid world to uncover their various benefits. Early data suggests how it can help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, chronic disorders, and the list goes on.

CBD could also play a role in strengthening the immune system. Although there are no conclusive studies to date, researchers suggest CBD might encourage white blood cells in immunodeficient patients. This resulted in a boost in the immune response in people with HIV.

CBD products come in various forms ranging from oil tinctures to capsules, edibles, skincare products, balms, vape liquids, and more. High-quality brands such as Sunday Scaries can deliver these products right to your door.


This herbal supplement has long been used in Chinese culture for medicinal purposes. Studies show how ginseng has robust anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and it can combat inflammation in people with eczema. Researchers have conducted studies on ginseng’s effects on cancer patients and their immune systems. 

The results were encouraging. Researchers administered ginseng for two years to patients who underwent surgery for stomach cancer, and they showed substantial improvement in their immune function. This herb might also enhance flu vaccines’ work and reduce the risk of diseases by five years for people who undergo curative surgery. 


Medical professionals refer to astragalus as an adaptogen because it protects the body from a range of physical, emotional, and mental stressors. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, this herb protects the body from chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer by preventing cells from damage. Astragalus is a great contender to keep you safe from the common cold and flu and lower the risk of upper respiratory infections. This herb can protect the liver too and lower blood pressure. 

With its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, people use astragalus on their skin to help care for wounds. Researchers have been analyzing this herb and its potent properties to naturally boost the immune system of people whose immune function is weak because of the treatment of chronic disorders such as chemotherapy.


Many have long hailed chamomile for its soothing properties. Researchers have noted this flower’s potential to act as a sleeping pill, causing no side effects. Chamomile can benefit the immune system, too. Some studies suggest that inhaling chamomile extract can help to ease some common cold symptoms. Other studies show chamomile’s potential to work as an ointment for specific skin conditions such as eczema. 


Herbalists like to use cleavers for the detoxification process to remove temporary water weight gain from the body and improve kidney function. As a diuretic, cleavers helps the lymphatic system, kidney, and liver eliminate toxins, waste, and other material that can cause harm to the body. A natural way to flush the body, this herb can even treat urinary tract infections and uterine inflammation. 

The importance of choosing organic herbs 

Opting for organic over non-organic herbs to preserve your immune system is essential if you hope for optimal effects. The herbs will absorb anything they find in the soil to thrive. If they are being grown in a non-organic environment, they will absorb the toxins, metals, and harmful chemicals found in the ground, which will then find their way into your system.