7 Tips for Using CBD Products to Improve Your Sports Game

7 Tips for Using CBD Products to Improve Your Sports Game

CBD has become one of the hottest new products in America, going from not even legal in 2018 to a multi-billion dollar industry that has been tried by 1 in 3 American adults. CBD’s popularity comes from its potential to help people deal with a variety of aches, pains, and other problems, and while research still needs to be done before making any definitive medical claims, it does seem very possible that CBD can be extremely helpful at dealing with numerous issues.

CBD has many potential benefits, including for athletes. As such, here are seven tips that can help athletes get the most out of CBD for their game:

1) Talk to your doctor first: While CBD may be useful, you should speak with your doctor before starting it – just like you would for any other supplement. This is because there are some concerns about CBD and drug interactions, as well as worries about how CBD may impact people with impaired liver function. Your doctor will know if this is a potential issue for you.

2) Try before a game or performance: CBD does have some mild side effects for some, including fatigue and dizziness. These are usually very manageable for most, but they are still not ideal for any sporting event. As such, try using CBD before any game in order to make sure that you do not experience any of these issues when you must be operating at peak performance. 

3) Topicals for soreness: Some studies have found that CBD can reduce pain or muscle soreness, potentially making it ideal for athletes who are looking to recover after a tough workout, practice, or game. Indeed, there are many products that have been designed specifically for athletes. These products, when applied directly to the area of pain, can provide extremely targeted relief.

4) Check the Certificate of Analysis: Sadly, there are some CBD vendors who mislabel their products. To combat this, many vendors use Certificates of Analysis, which are independent tests performed by a third party that confirm the ingredients of CBD. Make sure to check this Certificate in order to confirm that the CBD contains what you think it does, and avoid buying any product that doesn’t contain such a certificate.

5) Avoid edibles: While CBD edibles can be very tasty, they are usually unhealthy and in some sort of sweet snack, like sugar or chocolate. If you’re an athlete, you need to eat healthily. Avoid these snacks and stick to tinctures or topicals. 

6) Go slow: CBD can have a different impact on everyone. As such, your best bet is to start slow. Use a low dosage, gauge your response, and increase the dosage from there. This helps to ensure that you can avoid any negative impacts of the compound.
7) Understand the types of CBD: There are many types of CBD, including Full Spectrum (which contains THC), Broad Spectrum (no THC), and Isolate (pure CBD with almost nothing else). Some people have specific individual preferences, so make sure to understand the different types of CBD out there and how it may impact your performance.