Why Metal Doors are Safer than Wood or Glass Doors

Why Metal Doors are Safer than Wood or Glass Doors

When purchasing doors for your home, you might be considering a few different factors in your purchase. These factors can include appearance, price, durability, and more. However, you should most importantly be focusing on safety.

Without having safe doors, you could be led into unsafe scenarios in a couple of ways. This is why you should be purchasing metal doors instead of those made out of glass or wood. Check these reasons out why metal doors are known for being one of the safest types of doors you can purchase.


No matter what type of neighborhood you live in, you could have a robber come to your house in the middle of the night to steal some or all of your belongings. Robbers often get the idea of what houses to rob based on what types of security systems they have installed. This doesn’t just mean traditional security systems but systems like safe doors that ensure they don’t have enough time to rob a house before police arrive.

With wood or glass doors, robbers can easily break them by throwing objects at them or giving them enough force. Metal door owners will have a much better time in this scenario, as robbers have to focus on breaking down actual lock mechanisms instead of the door itself when they are dealing with a metal door. This likely means that robbers will start targeting other houses than your own. Consider going with metal doors for your home if you don’t want to get robbed in the middle of the night.


Fires can be one of the most dangerous things to worry about when owning a home. To prevent fires, you’ll have to make sure that the electrical and gas sources in your home are safe from any other hazards that would combine to start a fire. It’s often not enough, though, to just worry about not starting fires in the first place. You should also be focusing on ways that you can slow down fires when they do happen.

Other types of doors can actually create a hazard when fires occur. For example, you might already have wooden doors inside your home that you’re meaning to replace. You could then have a fire that starts in your kitchen that quickly spreads to your bedroom, as a wooden door can catch on fire and keep spreading that fire into other rooms of your home. Glass doors are different in that they aren’t necessarily going to cause everything around it to catch on fire, but they can shatter so that glass gets everywhere that you’re stepping.

When you want to prevent fires from spreading, that’s when you should be going with metal doors instead. Metal doors ensure that fires aren’t spread directly through your doors, as metal doors take a long amount of time to melt down from fires. Make sure you purchase metal doors for your home when you want to prevent your doors from creating a larger hazard when fires occur.