How to Make the Moving Process Easier on Your Pets

How to Make the Moving Process Easier on Your Pets

Moving is a stressful situation. Imagine being an animal during that time period, not understanding what is happening to the surroundings to which you have become accustomed. The following are ways to help make the moving process easier on your pets.

Make Supplies Familiar

You and your pet’s lives are about to be overtaken by moving boxes, shipping tape, and bubble wrap. To you, they are moving supplies. To your pet, they are unfamiliar objects that may be a little scary. Before you start to pack, allow your pet access to these items for a few days. Toss a leash on your pup and allow them to explore. The more access your pets have to your moving supplies, the less scary they will be when you start using them.

Keep Their Routine Normal

Animals like routine just as much as humans do. Even though moving is a busy process, keep their routine the same. Feed them at the same time and keep their exercise program approximately the same. This way, their life is less interrupted by the move.

Make Them a Quiet Space

Even though moving boxes have a way of spreading all over your home, keep at least a corner (preferably a whole room) dedicated to your pet. Place their favorite bed and blanket there, along with a few toys, and make sure the foot traffic is low. This way, your pet has a place to which to escape if moving preparations become too overwhelming for them.

Add Some Extra Exercise

Tired pets are happy pets. Tack a few extra miles onto your dog’s walk or an extra 20 minutes onto your cat’s playtime. When you get home or finish playing, watch your pet retire to their favorite sleeping spot. Then it is time to start packing.

Try Calming Aids

If your pet is high strung, talk to your veterinarian about an anti-anxiety prescription or how to correctly administer CBD. Additionally, you could try over the counter methods like the Thundershirt or pheromone diffusers to help calm your pet during the packing process.

Try a Kennel or Day Care for Moving Day

The best place for your pet to be on moving day is away from your house. This way, they are not under foot and do not experience the stress of watching you leave the house with boxes every five minutes. The best place for a pet to go during moving day is a beloved friend or relative–what better way to get them out of the way than spending a day getting spoiled by one of their favorite people? If that is not an option, another idea is a boarding kennel or doggie day care. If boarding or day care is a new experience for your pet, it may cause a good amount of stress. However, if your pet is used to the sights and sounds of the kennel or day care, it could be a fun experience for them while you secure the move at home.

Moving is a stressful time. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips can help you take some of the stress out of it for your beloved pet.