5 Budget-friendly Tips for Finding the Perfect Office Chair

5 Budget-friendly Tips for Finding the Perfect Office Chair

If you work in the office, you spend most of your hours sitting and focusing on your work. Thus, it is important to consider a functional and comfortable chair. Getting a perfect chair increases your productivity in the office. In addition, it enables you to avoid health complications that arise from sitting on an uncomfortable chair. However, in some instances, the cost can prevent you from getting a perfect chair. This article explores five ways you can get an ideal chair at a low price without forgoing quality.

1. Have the perfect chair designed for you.

Getting a chair build for you is a better way of accessing quality and affordable furniture pieces. At times, most people assume that custom-made chairs are expensive. However, having a supplier build it saves you a lot of money. All one has to do is get a reputable supplier to design a perfect chair for you. The primary advantages of having a supplier design a chair for you are that the supplier uses quality material and that the chair is durable.

2. Shop Online.

The online market has very affordable furniture pieces. You can use your social media platforms such as Facebook to search for the chair. You can compare different online stores, quality, and prices. Also, you can use marketplace apps such as Offer Up to search for your desired items, and the smart feed will show you a variety to choose from. Besides getting affordable office chairs, online shopping allows you to see different trendy pieces to keep your office elegant.

3. Visit yard and estate sales.

Yard sales and estate sales have very interesting deals. For such sales, the previous owners have either closed their office or are moving to another city. But you must check the Craiglist often to locate yard and estate sales early enough. This is because the best items sell first, and since you want a perfect chair, it will be easier to get an affordable piece if you are there early enough. The prices on the yard and estate sales are negotiable, enabling you to stay on budget. They are also quality and unique pieces chosen by previous owners.

4. Check out used furniture stores.

Another alternative source for an affordable office chair is a thrift or second-hand furniture store. Thrift shops stock donated items that have been gently used. It is an excellent place to hunt for a perfect office chair. Second-hand shops also have quality and affordable office chairs.

In addition to the stores, you can get furniture from a friend, colleague, or a boss who upgraded to a new chair. You can consider reupholstering and refinishing the office chair to make the chair functional and comfortable. It will save you money.

5 Consider wholesales, promotions, and going-out-of-business sales.

Wholesalers turn over inventory frequently. Consider taking a look often for a good deal on an office chair. On the other hand, local stores offer special promotions to clear stock and create room for new inventory. That is a perfect opportunity to get your office chair at an affordable price. In addition, you can buy a cheap quality office chair from a retailer who is closing down their business.

Although finding a perfect chair is challenging, it is possible using the above tips. More importantly, be committed, keep your ears open, compare prices and always negotiate.