A Guide to Adding a Festive Flair to a Medical Uniform

A Guide to Adding a Festive Flair to a Medical Uniform

Although recent research has underscored the vital role healthcare uniforms have in preventing infection, sometimes healthcare professionals need to have some fun. If you’re a healthcare worker, there is no need to limit yourself to starched white scrubs. The following uniform style guide will help you celebrate without compromising your patients’ health or your professional competence.

Color Your World and Theirs

While your facility might have strict guidelines for the shape of your uniform, it probably has much more lenient standards when it comes to color. Whether you’re a dental assistant, phlebotomist, or nurse, you can find scrubs in a range of bright solid colors or pattern designs. To bring the party to your workplace, you can also consider holiday designs or team logos.

Wear a Stylish Stethoscope

If you’re a patient care technician, doctor, or another healthcare professional who uses a stethoscope at work, this tip is for you. Stethoscopes are now available in a range of colors and designs. You can build a wardrobe of several or choose one in a signature color that coordinates with your pre-existing work wardrobe.

Wrap It Up

If you work in a pediatric setting or you’re young-at-heart, you might consider a stethoscope cover. Such covers are available in an array of animals and popular cartoon character designs. They also provide an engaging distraction and something to cuddle during medical procedures.

From The Top

Having a fun new look means more than wearing a fashion-forward scrub top or stethoscope. You can always buy a fun surgical cap to help you, and your patients think happier thoughts. A surgical cap is a great way to make a necessity into a neat accessory and conversation starter.

Stepping Out in Style

Comfortable shoes can put a spring in your step. This is particularly true near the end of a long shift. When you choose fashionable textures such as faux snakeskin or crocodile, you can elevate your look. Who says work can’t be a dress-up-worthy occasion?

Kick Up Some Fun

As is the case with many medical clothing items, shoes are available in a wide array of bright colors. Choose a bright color to contrast or harmonize with your wardrobe of scrubs for a quick and easy way to spread some good vibes.

Celebrate With Socks

While your workplace might have wardrobing requirements for your shoes, scrubs, or stethoscope, many facilities fail even to mention socks in their dress policies. This policy miss is your chance for a fashion hit. Snazzy compression socks are a fantastic way to engage shy children and go a long way towards brightening days in elder care facilities.

Let The Festivities Begin

Whether you choose a bright new surgical cap, a dressy new pair of shoes, or an item from every category in this guide, making your wardrobe more festive can help turn everyday healthcare into a chance to celebrate. When revamping your medical uniform, always consider your facility policy and ask your manager for guidance as needed. Whatever you choose to do, creating a fun new look is a fantastic way to reflect the outstanding work you’re doing for your patients every day.