Top 5 Executive Cars In 2022

Top 5 Executive Cars In 2022

It’s a new year, which means there’s a new lineup of amazing vehicles going on sale in a market near you. Now, while it’s true that not everyone is into the “executive” style vehicles, there are plenty who are, and today we’re going to be hipping you to some of the top new vehicles you’ll want to keep your eyes on in 2022.

What Is An Executive Car?

If you aren’t already familiar with the term, don’t feel embarrassed. It’s a British classification for cars, which in American equivalents is a full-size, fancy car that you’d see a professional-type driving. If you have the cash to pay attorney fees under the California lemon law or if you are an attorney yourself, you may be driving an executive car (or have a strong interest in purchasing one). Regardless of the name, though, there are plenty of people who enjoy this style of car outside of the “professional class” so they remain quite popular.

Executive Cars To Watch In 2022

So, which executive-type vehicles should you take an interest in? Here are five that fit the bill and combine the best elements of luxury, class, and style…

Mercedes Benz E Class

It’s nearly impossible to talk about executive vehicles without a nod to Mercedes, so here it is! The E-Class Benz has always been a standout, but now, it’s sporting some all-new upgrades to make it even more impressive. From the luxurious cabin to the improved drive-assist features, this vehicle is ready to take on the road in superior style.

BMW 5 Series

Where you find Mercedes you’ll find BMW not far away, especially on lists like these! Don’t think the 5 Series is just a follower, though. This executive-class vehicle is leading the way with its high drivability and array of comfort features. Combine that with the rear-drive, and you’ve got everything you need to conquer your commute with peerless grace.

Audi A6

Rounding out the Triumvirate of classy executive brands is Audi, so their representation here should come as no surprise. While there are certainly other Audi models that could potentially fit the bill here (like the A7 and A8), it’s the A6 Audi that’s really been able to nail the entire essence of what the modern executive vehicle is supposed to represent.

Lexus ES

Lexus has gone through some changes in recent years, but its new ES model hasn’t strayed far from the core of the executive car ethos. In fact, we’d say it hits the mark quite splendidly, and if you’re looking for a four-door with plenty of hybrid power and style, the ES should be one of your top five picks. Be sure to watch out for the horsepower, because it is deceptive!

Tesla Model S

A newcomer, for sure, but Tesla has been making strides in improving upon their electric car designs while providing the luxury and quality necessary for executive-style vehicles. Enter the new Model S, a fast and fashionable version of the Tesla that also sports plenty of electric luxury. This model is packed with amazing technological features, and the price point reflects the value and quality you’re likely to receive in this amazingly advanced package.