The Best Play to Earn Crypto Fantasy Game on Solana

The Best Play to Earn Crypto Fantasy Game on Solana

Welcome to the most popular and praised opportunity in the gaming world as of now, a development called the play-to-earn crypto games phenomenon. Curious to find out what is causing all the hype? We’re here to break it down for you in this article so stay tuned.

A highly successful combination of the finance and the gaming world, play-to-earn crypto games are challenging all that we know in regards to the benefits of gaming, with ample possibilities to not just enjoy gaming but to earn a serious living off of your gamer skills too.

The widely available play-to-earn games are taking on the industry. Their profitability, transparency, accessibility, and well-executed gameplay are causing broad interest from players, gaming communities, developers, as well as investors all across the world right now. 

What is Solana? 

To understand where to find some of the most played P2E crypto fantasy games, we first want to take a closer look at Solana. What is it, how does it work, and what are the benefits? 

Often named the powerful and emerging rival of the heavy-weight blockchains, Solana is not only a public, open-source blockchain but one that is successfully challenging some of the biggest platform names in the industry. There are several reasons why this is being said. 

The popularity of this blockchain rose greatly when NFTs & P2E games started to be present on the Solana Blockchain. Think transaction fees and speed of transaction for the home run. 

What is the main selling point here is the fact that Solana has significantly lower transactional fees than other competitors as well as an insanely high speed of transaction. This is also something that the other big industry names don’t have figured out as well as Solana does. 

Reasons why Solana is a top-performing choice

The data speaks for itself here. Solana can easily process 50,000+ transactions, with estimates ranking it at even 65,000+, per one second (TPS), which is an astonishing number, while the transactional fee will generally run you the low cost of approximately $. 01 or near-zero fees.

Founded in 2017, Solana’s specialties are hosting decentralized (dapps), scalable apps. It supports things such as smart contracts. The security that Solana provides is another strong selling point, as this is a critical component.

Among the many reasons why it is a top-performing choice, you will often encounter PoS and PoH mentioned. PoS or proof-of-stake as well as PoH or proof-of-history, as evidence of validation and proof of transaction. It also has a native currency, called the SOL token. 

SolChicks – Best play to earn crypto game on Solana

One game, in particular, has shaken the industry, breaking several world records in the process, and positioned itself as one of the best play-to-earn crypto games. It’s called SolChicks. 

Built around the concept of NFT collectibles and well-executed fantasy intergalactic battle, SolChicks is sure to have you at the edge of your seat, taking on the role of a SolChick warrior battling the SolFox enemy who has attacked your home planet called Chicco. 

This attention-grabbing crypto game will also have you taking care of your Chick warrior, almost in a Tamagotchi style. Feeding it, bonding with it, and breeding are all key components in the game, offering you something more than just raids and missions. 

Keep in mind that breeding your very own SolChicks comes for users who reach level 45 out of the total 60 levels that are offered. This means that you can adapt, customize, and enhance your character, bringing in additional value, and playing with primary and secondary traits.

The levels will take you through Tutorial, Fledgling, Progression, and lastly, Endgame. Another important thing to note here would be that there are only 10,000 of the original SolChick characters. Those who own them can breed and, then, produce SolEggs.

Making money with SolChicks

SolChick developers recommend using a couple of digital wallets for the game, such as Phantom or SolFlare. This is where you will be storing your characters. 

There are several ways to earn money here, either by compiling and selling your in-game rewards and assets in the form of non-fungible tokens or by CHICKS tokens that you get based on the weekly ranking of players. 

You also have the native currency called SolCoins that you can earn whilst playing the game. 

Now that we have covered the basics, have a good game!