Author Spotlight: JD Mass

Author Spotlight: JD Mass

JD Mass is a white American Jewish man who has spent his whole life being loved by and loving black people. Mass grew up within a black community and witnessed racism firsthand through the experiences of his aboriginal brothers and friends. As an activist for Anti-Black racism, JD Mass PsyD tells his successes and missteps in building a relationship and alliances with melanated people. JD Mass’ parents raised him in a diverse community in St. Louis, wherein he witnessed and experienced racism and cultural differences firsthand. His experiences ignited a spark in him to understand more we created a world full of injustice and discrimination.

JD Mass

JD Mass had an entrepreneurial spirit and started a tennis organization with his college coach. After graduating with a degree in finance, Mass played the role of structuring Nelly’s early business ventures and handling his other endeavors, including Apple Bottoms Jeans and Derrty Entertainment. JD Mass then followed Nelly by joining The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem to learn about community building based on health, peace, and sharing.

In 2017, JD Mass achieved a doctoral degree in Organizational Psychology. He also became heavily involved in white antiracism groups in Los Angeles and St. Louis. Mass’ work in antiracism heavily reflected and inspired him to write his upcoming book “Race for What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within,” a biography & memoir featuring his experiences living as a white man with aboriginal folks. Through his book, JD dares for white folks to stay in the course and finally correct the harm of racism to help create a humane world without it.

Aside from his personal experiences as a privileged white man, the book also includes seven steps to healing racism that white folks should take notes to. To deal with the issue of racism and discrimination, we must first dig into the root causes of the problem. It’s an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed but doing so is not an easy thing—it takes to process and ample time to make everyone cooperate on the said movement thoroughly. Being aware of the problem and standing up for the marginalized is a good start for a more protracted fight against anti-black racism. I commend the author’s ability to produce a well-written book filled with information that targets a specific cause and purpose. Mass significantly captured a concise and insightful body of work that will help you be enlightened regarding the concept of racism.

“Race for What? A White Man’s Journey & Guide to Healing Racism from Within” is not just your ordinary book. This book will not make you comfortable. Hence, it will challenge you to dig deeper, think harder, and make room for new possibilities. The book will be officially released this March 29, but you can already pre-order it on Amazon or through his website.

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