Facebook Watch — What It Is & Why You Should Be Using It

Facebook Watch — What It Is & Why You Should Be Using It

YouTube, Netflix, Hulu… there are countless streaming services you can access in 2022 to get your fill of digital entertainment. With all these choices, it can be difficult to determine which services are worth your time.

One streaming platform that is becoming increasingly popular is Facebook Watch. Launched in 2018, this unique service allows users to watch Facebook’s content like this video through the social media platform itself, rather than downloading a secondary app. 

Think of Facebook Watch as a hybrid between Netflix and Youtube. While it boasts long content and commercially produced series, it also contains amateur content and shorts for a quick burst of entertainment while on the go.

What are the key features? 

– Free to Watch

One huge draw of the Facebook Watch service is that it is free to use. With skyrocketing living costs in the Western world, having access to free content can be a lifesaver, especially for parents looking to entertain the kids without splurging.

– Facebook Original Series

Netflix has seen huge success with some of its commissioned series, such as Squid Game and Bridgerton. Facebook has followed suit by creating original programming on its Watch platform. Highly acclaimed drama Sorry for Your Loss, starring Elizabeth Olsen, can be streamed via the service, along with other scintillating series, like Sacred Lies. 

– User Content

While the Facebook original series are worth a watch, so is the user content. Like Youtube, there are a myriad of videos to watch. If you fancy a laugh, check out Australian comedian Jimmy Rees roasting Boomers. Looking for DIY advice? The platform contains dozens of videos of enthusiastic handymen battling to assemble IKEA furniture, so you don’t have to. There really is something for everybody on the platform. 

– Facebook Watch News

More and more of us come to Facebook not just to socialize but to keep our pulse on what’s happening in the world. Facebook lets you integrate these two goals via Facebook Watch. Most major news platforms have harnessed the power of the site. Simply search for the broadcasting company you want to see top stories from (e.g. NBC) and scroll through the latest content. If you’re interested in a more global perspective, typing ‘news’ into the video filter will give you a broader range of trending videos across the world. 

A cool feature is the ‘share’ button, which allows you to instantly share any pertinent news videos straight to your or a friend’s Facebook wall. Whether you’re alerting an elderly neighbor to an incoming storm or just showing your cousin a clip of an upcoming event, it’s a great way to create engagement among friends.

– No More Facebook Watch Party

Regrettably, one of Facebook Watch’s most impressive features, Watch Party, was removed in 2021. This feature allowed users to watch movies and shows together in real-time. While Facebook is still working on alternatives for this much loved and missed feature, never fear: you can still interact with others on videos by starting comment threads. This level of interaction still beats what you can achieve on Netflix.

*If you are posting your own content, you can get around this by hosting a Facebook Premiere, which allows you to schedule a video to go live at a scheduled time, so viewers can react and comment in real time.

While there is room for improvement, Facebook Watch is a fun and free way to watch unique content online. Ready to try it out? Navigate to the Facebook Watch tab in your Facebook browser or app now.