A Turtleneck Collection You’ll Want To Wear Every Single Day This Fall

A Turtleneck Collection You’ll Want To Wear Every Single Day This Fall

Now that fall is around the corner, it’s time to get out our chic turtlenecks and bask in the sense of style that turtlenecks come with. They make any outfit stand out, which explains why they have been popular for a while now. 

With good reason, they remain a favorite as the months get cooler, and we’re here to bring you good news: Quinn has been waiting to unveil the collection that will elicit continued adulation. By purchasing one of the gorgeous turtlenecks listed below, you can get used to the “oohs” and “ahhs”:

7 Amazing Turtlenecks for Your Wardrobe This Fall [New Fall Cashmere Collection by Quinn]

Ready to keep warm while staying fashionable? Here are some cozy and practical turtlenecks by Quinn:

1. Rib Pattern Funnel Neck

This turtleneck has a loose fit, delicate bell sleeves, and directional ribbed stitching. It is a sweater that is comfortable to wear all year long. Previously, we viewed turtlenecks as the winter boot of clothing: an unofficial indicator of impending chilly weather that, despite being comfortable and useful, we kind of hated pulling out of the closet. 

However, since the weather has been chillier in recent years, turtlenecks have emerged as a sensible yet cozy option. When a sudden cold front arrives, this turtleneck design will come in handy. Even better, it can act as the base for a variety of looks—tucked into a long skirt, worn with high-waisted vintage jeans, or layered beneath a vibrant coat. It is available in ivory and black to fit in any setting be it official or casual.

2. Lauren Cashmere Turtleneck

If stocking up on cozy sweaters is one of your favorite things to do as you wait for winter, this one is a must-have. At an affordable price of just $ 160, it has a relaxed yet streamlined fit that is ultra-comfortable when working, attending a casual event, or traveling. It is a luxurious turtleneck sweater that offers warmth throughout the season. Better yet, it is available in over 15 colors to match different outfits. 

3. Lucy Cashmere Turtleneck

When it comes to turtlenecks, everyone has their own preference. We can however guarantee that this one would be a crowd favorite. It boasts a traditional turtleneck design with useful side buttons to increase the fashion ante. When it’s cold, close the buttons; otherwise, you may always open them to show off your layers.

4. Penelope Cashmere Turtleneck

Who said turtlenecks had to be monochromatic? This one is a 2-toned turtleneck that will complement any denim. It has an oversized fit, is made of 100% Italian cashmere, and has a double-layer turtle neck. What other elements could you ask for this fall? Stay stylish while keeping warm. 

5. Martina Oversized Turtleneck

Chunky oversized turtlenecks are such a vibe! This one is particularly refreshingly cool without being too bulky. It comes in an easy textured stitch and three cool colors and is perfect for a smart casual look with jeans, leather pants, or even pencil skirts. 

6. Directional Rib Cashmere Turtleneck Dress

Turtlenecks have lasted through multiple fashion eras yet remain a staple. They are undoubtedly quite classic, but this one ups the ante in terms of style. It’s the way to go if you adore turtlenecks and want an unrestricted look. It is a slim-fit knee-length dress that combines comfort and style. It comes in black and charcoal grey tones.

7. Chunky Waffle Stitch Turtleneck

This one is a personal favorite because its size, design, and style break mainstream design monotony. It has a distinctive waffle stitch, comes in 4 distinct colors, and makes a fashion statement with any outfit. If you’d like to appear classically cool, try this super-cozy cashmere blend sweater with a relaxed waffle stitch. It has an oversized fit that pairs perfectly with leggings or jeans.

Styling Your Turtleneck

Ready to take your fall fashion game to the next level? Before buying any of the above fashion statements, here are 5 unbeatable ideas on how to style them:

• For a stylish style, pair your turtleneck with dungarees and high ankle boots.

• Wear your turtleneck with a well-fitting blazer or perhaps a suit for a more boyish appearance.

• For an effortlessly stylish look, team your turtleneck with a pair of high-waisted blue wash mom jeans and a tailored-looking tweed-type jacket.

• For a feminine look, pair your turtleneck with a black skater skirt, tights, and heeled boots.

• For a smart-casual style, team your turtleneck with a sophisticated maxi skirt.

Buy From Quinn Now

Quinn was founded in 2012. Their initials stand for QUality and INNovation, and Each of their collections bears witness to this commitment. 

They offer a wide variety of unique, well-crafted products made from the highest caliber of materials. The clothes they manufacture will quickly become your favorites while paying attention to fit, proportion, and workmanship.  

Buy these and more outfits from our new fall collection today!