How to Scale Your Real Estate Startup Business; Insights From Chris D. Bentley

How to Scale Your Real Estate Startup Business; Insights From Chris D. Bentley

Statistics reveal that there are 2278 real estate tech startups in the US. The data further show that only 10% of startups survive to celebrate their first anniversary. Expanding the existing real estate agencies to boost profitability is also a challenge. You will require mentorship from the real estate trailblazer to upscale your venture.

Chris D. Bentley is a Certified Luxury Homes Marketing Specialist. He is also the founder of Dallas’s successful real estate brokerage, Bentley Fine Properties. His expertise in helping clients has made him one of the Best Realtors in 2022 D magazine. He uses his extensive skills to mentor upcoming real estate brokers in the US.

Upscaling Your Real Estates Agency

Every real estate broker aims to achieve sustained growth and profitability. You may have been operational for years but not yet at full potential. 

Chris D. Bentley will equip you with cutting-edge skills to speed up your upscaling. The mentorship he offers seeks to help you expand your market and profitability for financial freedom.

Customers Service

The support you accord customers before, during, and after purchasing your apartments dictates your success or failure. You should ensure that customers enjoy an unmatched experience to speed up the sealing of the deals. 

Speed up your business growth by leveraging on happy customers. They would act as brand ambassadors connecting you to your friends who form your future market. 

To achieve high customer satisfaction, involve your customers throughout the process. Maintain a positive engagement, and don’t leave them in suspense. In case they ask questions, clarify for them to maintain their trust.

Identify Your Niche

It would help if you determined what part of real estate to specialize in. What market segment do you want to serve? Commercial and residential rentals, holiday vacation apartments, luxury homes, and millennial homebuyers are the main niches you can venture into. Identify customers’ needs in your chosen niche and offer solutions. Consider their income to ensure delivery of affordable apartments.

Creating a niche would help your customers and your brands sufficiently meet your customers’ needs. You will edge out other agencies if you develop yourself as a point of contact on real estate issues. You are, therefore, more likely to earn the trust of your customers, helping you gain new customers and quickly close deals.


It is tough to succeed alone as a real estate startup due to cut-throat competition from established agencies. Networking with established realtors like Chris D. Bentley would equip you with more accessible deal-sealing skills. You would also learn about the market dynamics to keep you abreast with emerging trends. You will also learn about the best technologies to incorporate into your business operations.

Wrap Up 

Becoming successful as an upcoming realtor in the US is challenging. Chris D. Bentley offers a helping hand to help you profitably expand your operations. He has helped many realtors set up successful agencies across the US. For more information on how to register for the mentorship, you can connect to him on Twitter at @ or Linkedin at