Providing PWDs Better Community Integration with Disability Employment Services in Australia

Providing PWDs Better Community Integration with Disability Employment Services in Australia

Author: Amanda Hugenkiz

Australia has always been advocating strong laws about national equality. This covers the employment of people living with disabilities across the country. So, for most people who have been living their lives with the burdens of their condition, being integrated into societal activities and getting a fair share of experiences is a worthwhile endeavour. 

Getting employment though is one big problem for most PWDs as there are limitations. But for one who aspires to make a change, one way of landing a job is with disability employment services which fit him to possible careers based on his credentials and experience. 

Here are some facts every Australian with a disability should know:

  1. Out of 27 countries, Australia still ranks 27th of places where PWDs live near the poverty line. This issue is being addressed by enforcing better services and job opportunities for people with specific physical and mental disabilities.
  2. Studies report that employees who have a specific disability are less likely to go on sick leave or take unscheduled time off than their non-disabled counterparts. 
  3. A labour market analysis indicates that human capital investments for PWDs are the same as non-disabled counterparts. This shows a consistent and higher relevance of PWDs in contributing to the betterment of most Australian industries. 

Hiring a Person with Disability in Australia

The common misconception of hiring a PWD often falls under the preconceived notion that they are inadequate to provide your business with the right support. Nonetheless, while a person’s incapacity might provide some form of hindrance, it should not be the basis for their inadequacies. 

Most PWD is unfortunate to suffer some form of accident in their later years resulting in their current condition. These people are often educated, and most of them hold some qualifications. So, giving them another hope to actively participate in society gives them a sense of purpose and a better future.  

Research also indicates that people who are born with a disability cope better in life because they learn of ways to deal with their condition. Regardless of what a person has or does not have, society should give PWDs better placement in communities and not set them aside. 

Get Tax Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities

Hiring people with disabilities has a lot of inherent benefits not only to the image your company tries to project but also impacts your workforce. Among the things you get from hiring a PWD is the enhancement of diversity, increases your staff morale, and can positively increase retention rates of your current employee. 

The Australian Government has set-up disability employment services to better society’s view on people who are either hindered mentally or physically. The Australian Disability Enterprises is a critical component of the Department of Social Services’ program to provide employment opportunities to PWD around the country. 

People with the right training, skills, and experience are given a chance to work for various industries, including manufacturing, design, landscaping, printing and packaging, and many others.  

Recently, this is one of the most significant moves from the government institution to instil better acceptance to the disabled community members. Providing PWDs with a chance to participate in the community actively provides them with a more prominent role of not only bettering themselves but also being independent.