Best Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

Best Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

Households remain to be one of the major contributors to harmful greenhouse gases because of appliances that consume a lot of energy. Therefore, we should all take advantage of today’s technology innovation that brought us energy efficient tools to reduce our carbon footprint.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Appliances

The energy-efficient appliances are essential to help you save money and energy, protect the environment, and enhance your lifestyle. Thus, the more energy efficient home appliances you use, the lower your utility bills will be while protecting the environment from harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. That being said, here are the main benefits of using energy-efficient devices:

  • They reduce greenhouse emissions
    • Burning fossil fuels, which creates electricity can also contribute to global warming as they release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Therefore, the use of energy efficient appliances in your home helps to save energy by reducing your carbon footprint and therefore, helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • They will help you save water
    • We have a responsibility to keep the water pure and safe in order to preserve it for the next generation. Energy-saving gadgets can also help you save water, while also reducing your water bill.
  • They will save you money
    • Benefits of energy efficient appliances is that they can help you pay a more affordable price for your CT electric rates. As electricity prices keep increasing every year, comparing providers and rates can save you a ton of money. Besides doing the same job with much less energy, energy-efficient devices also have longer lifespans, reducing the cost of repairs and replacements.
  • They will enhance your quality of life
    • Money saving features of energy-efficient devices might take some time to show, but the convenience you will gain with them is immediate. They will make your life easier and better.

Best Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

If the lockdown wrecked your utility bills this year, these three simple gadgets alone can save you a good deal of energy and money.

LED lightbulbs

Even without any ‘smart’ features, LED bulbs are far more efficient than their traditional alternatives. For example, Philips Hue bridges bulbs still set the standard for a reliable yet scalable smart lighting.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs can automatically turn on and off on a schedule as well as monitor energy consumption. The Eufy Smart Plug Mini delivers daily and monthly reports on energy consumption for whatever device it’s powering through a very easy-to-use app.

Motion sensors

We all know that we should turn our lights off when we leave a room, but motion sensors can do it for us and save us a lot of energy and money from the electricity bill. The Philips Hue Motion Sensor can detect when there’s still enough daylight to light a space and make sure there aren’t lights on unnecessarily.

Simple Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy efficiency comes from two dimensions: the gadgets you use and the habits you adopt. To truly live in an energy-efficient manner, you need to do more than just buy energy-efficient gadget. You need to be aware of how you use energy so you can identify where it is being wasted and find new ways to use it more efficiently and effectively. Even if you don’t feel like investing in energy-saving gadgets that do pay off for themselves, there are still plenty of things you can do on this front:

  • Clean your filters regularly
  • Use the power of sunshine whenever possible to heat your home
  • Use dark drapes and close your shutters during summer months so your home does not warm up
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer full (but not overfilled) as they operate most efficiently like that
  • Turn on your dishwasher and laundry washer at night to reduce strain on the power grid
  • Dress for the weather to stay comfortable without your AC having to work too hard
  • Air dry your dishes and clothes

Takeaway – You’re in for a whole lot of benefits if you choose to go the energy efficient way. With energy efficient gadgets, you’ll not only save money and reduce your monthly energy bills, but you will also help protect the environment and give nature a much-needed break. In other words, getting smart gadgets is a smart choice.