6 Unique Ideas for Planning an Employee Fun Day

A company that does not have downtime has very little team effort, and the environment can be cut-throat fast as everyone is looking out for themselves. Downtime is important to get employees from top executives to the new intern in the sales department to let loose, laugh, and have fun. Employees get an opportunity to know each other better and will be able to see the other person as humanly as possible, ultimately making a strong, efficient team. When planning for such a retreat, here are six unique ideas for planning an employee fun day.

1. Take a Field Trip

A field trip to a botanical garden or the museum is one of the most common methods companies celebrate employee fun day. Make it truly unique by opting to go to a winery or brewery with a little added plus for the employees to look forward to. It will create a fun day where everyone can relax and learn about something non-work-related. The new scenery may even trigger ideas for work.

2. Film a Video

In a busy environment, it’s easy to forget that the person behind the gadgets and desk are human. To let loose, create a film project on something like a cartoon character or the best meal. Have a little fun and video, everyone in it stating what they would otherwise do in a made-up scenario. It’s the only opportunity to know what interest others have in the company.

3. Volunteer

Season of helping never ends, and volunteering in a homeless shelter, food pantry, the senior living community is a way of giving and getting to know each other better. It’s proven that volunteering increases employees’ morale as it involves teamwork and helping the community. The inspiration gotten from the gratitude of those who helped makes for fantastic memories. However, do not forget a good meal after a day’s hard work.

4. Gift Bags

Company merchandise such as branded lunch boxes and clothing make for great gifts. An employee fun day should have more and gift bags with treats and gift cards to make it memorable. However, to make it outstanding, ask the employees what they want to make it personalized.

5. Bike Party

A company-sponsored party is the best gift where most employees know that all they have to do is relax. There is no greater way than having a bike party to boost employees’ moods. Its effect is substantial as the feeling of zipping down the roads, carving corners like birds, and enjoy the cool breeze is unmatched and better than any small voucher gifts that are offered in an office.

6. Pampering Day

Manicures, pedicures, and massages are things every employee can look forward to in an employee fun day. The employees have worked so hard all around the year, and the pampering is deserved. Arrangement for the spa day can be in two places; in a spa outside the office or inside the office after clearing desks of all work. Go all out and bring in professionals to offer the massages. Pedicures and manicures should have a big sign stating it’s open for all to avoid circumstances where someone is too shy to step up and take the opportunity since they didn’t know it applied to them. Employees will feel refreshed, and a few friendships will have formed during all that bonding time created. Making an announcement several weeks prior to the employee fun day builds up momentum for the day. However, with everyone looking forward to it, go all out to make it truly unique.